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Houston to Spend $10 Million to Fix Potholes

Posted On behalf of Simien & Simien on Jun 19, 2014 in Automotive

On June 19, the Houston City Council approved $10 million in funds for pothole repairs. According to the City of Houston’s Public Works Department, the goal is to catch up on what has yet to be repaired due to funding issues.

The city intends to look at which areas are the absolute worst as well as which can be patched up quickly, they plan to spend about $4 million on those types of basic repairs. Other repairs such as leveling out stretches of uneven road and performing bridge maintenance will be used with the money.

Public works leaders believe that the drought in 2011 was part of the reason the city fell behind on repairs. Residents are advised to continue calling 311 to report potholes in their area.

It’s important to note that potholes can wreak havoc on your vehicle over time. Areas of your car that can be subjected to damage from potholes includes the tires, suspension components and vehicle alignment.

Until the city begins to fix the potholes in and around Houston, consider the following tips to avoid potholes and damaging your vehicle:

  • Keep your speed down
  • Be extra cautious at night when potholes are not as visible; when the roads are wet a puddle could also be hiding a large pothole
  • Watch for cyclists swerving around potholes
  • You should avoid potholes in a safe manner, do not serve into other lanes and watch for other motorists

Potholes can cause tire blowouts and loss of vehicle control which can quickly lead to an accident. If you have been the victim of an accident caused by bad road conditions, contact the car accident lawyers at Simien & Simien to schedule a free legal consultation – you may be entitled to compensation for damages.