About Our Firm

Simien & Simien, LLC strives for perfection, and we take pride in all that we do. We are proud to have earned a trusted reputation in many parts of the country and we are honored that thousands of clients have sought our representation in their legal affairs. Our firm consists of attorneys licensed to practice in Louisiana and Texas.

In addition to these states, we provide representation to clients in various other parts of the country with proper local co-counsel associations. We maintain a trial and appellate litigation practice with an emphasis on serious injury and wrongful death resulting from industrial, vehicular, and other life-threatening or debilitating accidents. The recoveries on individual cases have varied, but we have successfully prosecuted numerous cases where our clients have received multiple million dollar recoveries in serious personal injury cases.

In addition to representing persons on an individual basis, Simien & Simien, LLC has represented thousands of clients in large scale class action and mass tort litigation including cases involving consumer products, fraud, medical devices, telecommunications, train accidents, tobacco, toxic and environmental exposures and various other consumer oriented litigation's. These claims have involved both personal injury and decreased property value.

We have also represented thousands of persons in prescription drug and other mass tort cases. Our attorneys have been involved in and have been appointed by the courts to serve on steering committees in several class action cases.

Successful Projects

Two of the projects we are particularly proud of, resulted in a significant recovery for a small community in Southwest Louisiana and the other benefited the entire nation.

We were part of the team that successfully concluded a class action for citizens of the small community of Mossville (near Lake Charles).  The community was matched against the corporate giants of Conoco and Condea-Vista.  The plaintiffs claimed that the companies had polluted their community.  The settlement resulted in the defendants offering to buy out the community.  This settlement is one of the largest of its kind.

We were also chosen to represent the state of Louisiana, and we worked in conjunction with lawyers representing states across the country in the historic Tobacco Litigation.

Experience, Hard Work, Technology and Research Result in Legal Success

Extensive experience, hard work and the use of modern technology, including computer research tools, is the trademark of our practice.  All of our attorneys have access to law libraries that maintain all of the current Southern and Federal Reporters, all of the Louisiana and federal statutory materials and all other relevant digests and periodicals.

Our firm has been in existence since 1988 and is comprised of seasoned litigators.

Despite this experience, both lawyers and staff are required to participate in seminars and courses of educational studies involving current and developing legal issues. We ensure competent and efficient representation by regularly scheduled meetings in which files are reviewed by the managing members of the firm.

We also employ computer and manual tracking systems to ensure proper handling and management. Each file is assigned to a primary attorney, who at the firm meetings, reports on the progress and other developments in the file.

In personal injury and class action litigation, the firm generally does not charge a fee or recover expenses unless we make a recovery for the client.

If you are looking for a law firm that has knowledge and experience, you will find it with Simien & Simien, LLC.

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