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Allegations of spiked maritime risks in wake of regulatory retreat

America’s maritime commercial industry is a vast and sprawling realm, marked by ongoing challenges and seemingly limitless opportunities for exploitation and profit. Louisiana is a central player in that universe owing to both its singular proximity and long historical linkage to offshore business activity.

Today’s Simien & Simien blog post spotlights the offshore world, specifically the Outer Continental Shelf. That watered realm expansively extends hundreds of miles out into the Gulf of Mexico. It prominently marks an area of ever-tremendous oil/gas energy exploration and profit-driven production. That firm commercial reality and an attendant fixation on fully exploiting opportunities has never been more apparent than it is now.

The federal government has obviously always been interested in both regulating and seeing maximum profits derived from commercial efforts within the shelf’s perimeters. The government’s Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement has long been tasked with overseeing governance over the maritime region.

Pursuant to that, close scrutiny of drilling methods and regulations has always been a key emphasis of bureaucrats. There is a fine balancing act linked with governance, given the need to regulate business activity in a safe and orderly way while simultaneously promoting evolving technologies and entrepreneurial enterprise.

That balancing has brought to the fore disparate voices in an ongoing debate marked by a regulation-versus-profit rift. Advocates on one side want to see ever-stronger regulatory protections put into place that enhance worker safety. A counter view contends that restrictions are already too onerous and overly curtailing an industry that sorely needs to expand and discover new sources of business growth.

A recent spotlighting on the maritime industry delves into a think tank’s analysis surrounding drilling regulations that have been crafted during the current presidential administration.

We will take a look at relevant findings released by the Center for American Progress in an upcoming blog post. We think that readers might find them to be both informative and interesting.