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Fatigue among big-rig drivers a pressing public concern

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2020 | Trucking Accidents

Comparatively speaking, do downside consequences linked with drowsy and outright sleeping drivers in Louisiana and nationally yield starker outcomes than those tied to other dangerous behind-the-wheel behaviors?

They almost certainly do, stress the conclusions outlined in various crash studies, when they feature the drivers of large commercial vehicles. Think tractor trailers, semis and other assorted 18-wheel behemoths.

That’s hardly surprising, is it? When parked alongside a compact passenger car, an outsized commercial rig is about as glaringly notable as a shark alongside a minnow. One national publication discussing the dangers of truck driver fatigue references a crash involving a large truck weighing nearly 80,000 pounds.

A moving force like that doesn’t stop easily or in a short distance. And when it careens out of control in the vicinity of other drivers, the potential for catastrophe is both immediate and obvious.

A tired driver behind the wheel exponentially ups the odds of something like that happening. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration attributes 846 deaths in a recent year to truckers who fell asleep while driving. Other data sources put a far higher estimate on that, positing as many as 8,000 fatalities linked annually due to drowsy driving.

Adversely affected drivers, passengers and their families are far from helpless victims in the wake of another driver’s negligent behavior that directly contributed to an accident and resulting injuries. A personal injury team of experienced and empathetic attorneys can help an injured claimant pursue a compensation claim geared toward securing maximum compensation. A recovery can be used to pay for medical bills, recoup lost wages and cover future rehabilitation and long-term disability needs. Moreover, it can assign accountability and help to deter third-party negligence in the future.

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