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Intractable nemesis in Louisiana, nationally: trucker fatigue

On Behalf of | Mar 3, 2020 | Trucking Accidents

Reasonably prudent drivers both locally and nationally know that unflagging behind-the-wheel vigilance is warranted at all times. We certainly know that the duly cautious motorists in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and elsewhere that we diligently represent at the Baton Rouge personal injury law firm of Simien & Simien well appreciate that necessity.

Despite the critical need for an eyes-on-the-road approach always, though, accidents do happen.

With regularity. And far too often with tragic results.

Why is that, when virtually all of us fully understand the high stakes involved for every driver and passenger engaged in traffic?

An exhaustive number of local, state and federal studies – private and governmental, university-based and otherwise – have probed the causes of roadway accidents and injuries. Although they often provide varying bits of information, most of them routinely underscore one common scourge that figuratively and literally drives dire vehicle outcomes.

Namely, that is human frailty and error. Modern-day behind-the-wheel safety enhancements are truly impressive and being steadily implemented in newer vehicles, but they can never provide absolute assurance of a fail-safe driving experience. Human negligence simply undermines that optimal reality.

We harbor no doubt that every one of our readers has taken evasive action to ward off a potentially dicey outcome posed by a distracted driver. Some motorists engage in grooming behaviors. Others drive with one hand on the wheel and the other wrapped around a cellphone. Select drivers play with their pets, tap on accelerator and brake pedals simultaneously while listening to music and either speed or tailgate without pause.

And, alarmingly, a high number of American drivers reportedly operate their vehicles on streets and highways while barely managing to keep their eyes open. Some motor down the road while being totally asleep.

That frightening reality is always an elevated concern, of course, but especially so when it pertains to overly fatigued truckers driving big commercial rigs.

We will have more to say about that in an upcoming post.