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Distracted Teen Drivers Get a Boost from Technology

A 2011 study performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration demonstrates that 21 percent of teenage drivers involved in fatal auto accidents were using a mobile phone. Fortunately, there is new technology being developed which may help… Read More

Mississippi Oil Spill Increases Risks of U.S. Oil Boom

Nearly 65 miles of river upstream from New Orleans was closed after an oil barge crashed and spilled crude oil into the Mississippi River. This incident may be the result of a recent surge in United States oil production along with advancements in drilling… Read More

U.S. Oil Companies Fined for Mislabeling Crude Shipments in First Move after Series of Derailments

A total of three oil companies were fined $93,000 in North Dakota on Tuesday for wrongfully classifying fuel shipments. According to the Department of Transportation, Marathon Oil Corp, Hess Corp and Whiting Petroleum Corp were cited for incorrectly classifying… Read More

Car Reliability Drops

According to a recent study by J.D. Power, car reliability has decreased to an unseen low since 1998. In fact, the average 2011 model year vehicle has 133 problems per 100 vehicle, which is a six percent increase compared to the 2013 survey. Contact… Read More

GM Issues Recall on 778,562 Vehicles in North America

Update: GM Lawsuits to Be Consolidated Lawyers who are suing General Motors Co. have put in a request with the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation in Washington to consolidate the lawsuits filed due to the faulty ignition switch. With more than… Read More

Johnson & Johnson Did Not Warn About Cancer Risks of Talcum Body Powder

A recent study exhibits an association between talcum powder use and ovarian cancer in females. Johnson & Johnson is a large pharmaceutical company for a great range of pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hygiene products, has steadily issued safety warnings… Read More

Hydraulic Fracking Causes Water Pollution Concerns

Over the last 10 years, hydraulic fracking has created a tremendous boom in oil and natural gas across the United States, and has led to billions of dollars in revenue for companies. However, the same fracking that has caused this tremendous boom, has… Read More

Famous Driverless Cars of Movies & Television

Driverless cars seem to be making it big in the news lately; this is largely due to Toyota being under fire with the mass tort threatening the future of such automobiles. In any case, driverless cars have been featured in dozens of television shows and… Read More

6 Significant Legal Stories of 2014

There are several legal stories that have been on the verge of erupting throughout 2013, while they are expected to have greater impact in 2014. These legal stories affect millions of Americans each day and will sure to make their presence known in due… Read More

Driver Leads Police on High-Speed Chase, Endangers His Two Children

30-year-old Jeremy Sims led Houma police on a dangerous chase through several subdivisions following a traffic stop on Tuesday, October 8 at approximately 10:09 p.m., and in the back seat of his vehicle were his two children, ages 5 and 2-years-old. Sims… Read More

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