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Final BP Oil Spill Settlement Payments Sent Out, Totaling $520 Million

Last month, the court-appointed claims administrator overseeing the BP oil spill settlement announced that the final round of payments will be issued to people and entities that were hit hardest by the 2010 oil spill: seafood businesses and fishermen. The… Read More

Fracking in the Gulf of Mexico Has Released Billions of Gallons of Waste

An attorney from the Center for Biological Diversity says that fracking released more than 76 billion gallons of waste into the Gulf of Mexico in 2014, with much of the waste coming from fracking wells off the coast of Louisiana. These wells were approved… Read More

Thousands of Gallons of Oil Spilled into Louisiana Waterways

In the past two weeks, approximately 9,000 gallons of crude oil have been spilled into Louisiana waterways and marshes in three separate oil spills. The first spill happened last week when a Hilcorp Energy pipeline spilled between 1,160 and 4,200 gallons… Read More

Legislative Bill Addresses Louisiana’s Abandoned Oil Wells

A new set of bills, created to reform Louisiana's cleanup of abandoned oil wells scattered among the state, has worked its way into the Legislature. The bill would identify orphan wells as hazardous and evoke a massive cleanup to minimize dangers posed… Read More

Judge Grants $20 Billion Settlement Approval for 2010 BP Oil Spill

After years of litigation, a New Orleans federal judge has approved a $20 billion settlement that BP must pay. The settlement is for the destructive 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Included in the settlement is $5.5 billion for Clean Water Act civil penalties,… Read More

Oil & Gas Gathering Pipelines Creating Problems in Texas

With hundreds of miles of new oil and gas pipelines in Texas, dangerous problems are arising due to lack of regulations. Leaks and pipeline ruptures have forced evacuations and even killed two Texas workers. Gathering pipelines amass the natural gas… Read More

Chemicals Used in Fracking Still Unknown

Since February 2012, Texas companies have withheld the specific ingredients being used in fracking operations around the state. Still, researchers continue to investigate and identify chemicals being used so that the public is made aware of these potentially… Read More

Abandoned Oil Wells Causing Environmental Damage

Abandoned, old oil wells in and around Texas and Louisiana are beginning to wreak havoc on the environment. In Fort Stockton, Texas, a cluster of old oil test wells have led to water spilling from deep aquifers. The pools of water have produced dead… Read More

BP has 30 Days to Pay Local Government Settlements

A Louisiana federal judge has ruled that BP has until Aug. 26, 2015 to pay local municipalities that accepted settlement offers stemming from the company’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Judge Carl Barbier issued the order that BP must pay out the settlements… Read More

BP to Settle Claims for Up to $18.7 Billion for Deepwater Horizon Disaster

BP has announced that the company has reached an agreement to settle federal, state and local claims that arose from the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill. The agreement includes the states of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas. Payments… Read More

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