SURVEY: Many Drivers Are Distracted in Parking Lots

driver playing with phoneThe holiday shopping season is underway, meaning more motorists will be traveling to retail stores and maneuvering through parking lots. Unfortunately, a new survey from the National Safety Council (NSC) reveals many drivers are distracted when traveling through parking lots.

Large percentages of drivers said they take their eyes off the road in parking lots to do the following things:

  • Make phone calls (66 percent)
  • Read or send texts (56 percent)
  • Read or send emails (50 percent)
  • Use social media (52 percent)
  • Watch videos or take photos (49 percent)
  • Use smartwatches (43 percent)
  • Browse the internet (43 percent)
  • Video chat (42 percent)

The survey revealed parents are more likely than teenagers to talk on the phone while traveling in parking lots. Also, teenagers are more likely to groom themselves while behind the wheel.

These activities and other distracted driving behaviors could be contributing to the 50,000 parking lot and parking garage accidents that take place each year. These accidents lead to more than 60,000 injuries and 500 deaths.  

Drivers need to pay close attention in parking lots because they are intense driving environments, says Deborah A.P. Hersman, CEO and president of the NSC.
Drivers should not assume there is less risk of an accident simply because they are driving at slower speeds than they would on the road.

The NSC also advises drivers to use their cars' advanced safety features in parking lots, such as backup cameras. Each year, 51 people die in parking lot or parking garage accidents involving a driver who was backing up.

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