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The types of car accident injuries a person may sustain after a crash can range from minor to life-threatening. Unfortunately, facial injuries and dental trauma can cause physical and emotional strife as victims find it difficult to go out in public with noticeable injuries.

When the body is subjected to being jerked forward and backward during a crash, dental injuries are just one of many types of injuries that could occur. According to 2012 state reports, more than 161,000 people were injured in motor vehicle accidents in Louisiana and Texas. Each year, thousands of motorists suffer some type of dental injury from an auto accident.

Have you or someone you love suffered dental trauma due an auto accident that was caused by a careless driver? If so, the victim may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages and more.

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Causes of Dental Injuries

During a motor vehicle crash, there are many hazards both inside and outside of a vehicle that could lead to dental injuries. Passenger vehicle motorists are less likely to suffer dental damage when compared to pedestrians or motorcyclists, but they are still at risk during a crash.

Some vehicle hazards that can cause dental damage include:

  • Seats
  • Steering wheel
  • Dashboard
  • Cargo within the vehicle
  • Broken glass

Depending on the person and the type of seatbelt being used, a safety belt may also lead to dental trauma. Children are especially susceptible to seatbelt injuries if they are not situated in the correct type of child safety seat.

Types of Dental Injuries

Did you know that teeth are composed of five different parts? Each of these parts helps protect the pulp, which is the inner structure of the teeth. Unfortunately, each of these parts could be harmed during an auto accident.

Some of the most common types of dental injuries include:

Chipped or fractured teeth – A victim’s teeth may be chipper or fractured during in accident. In more serious cases, the pulp of the tooth is exposed which may lead to a root canal.

Avulsed teeth – When a person’s entire tooth is knocked out during a crash, it is referred to as an avulsed tooth. If the tooth cannot be saved, the person may need to replace it with an artificial tooth.

Dislodged teeth – During the accident, a person’s tooth may be pushed out of its socket, pushed sideways or pushed into its socket.

Root fracture – This type of trauma affects the root of the tooth which could result in a complete loss and the need of an artificial tooth.

Some dental injuries may require multiple visits to a dentist or oral surgeon. Dental trauma can also result in years of continued dental care, particularly if a child is the victim of dental trauma from an auto accident.

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