Dangerous Oil and Gas Drilling Practices

dangerous oil well drilling practices

Oklahoma and Louisiana have experienced an expansion in oil and gas production in the past few decades. Despite the development of these natural resources and creation of jobs in the area, the operations have not been without consequence.

Reckless extraction of resources and increasingly risky practices have placed local residents and property owners in harm’s way. Improper oil drilling operations can scar the visual landscape of the property, contaminate the land and water supplies and potentially even expose community members to dangerous chemicals.


If your property has been damaged by irresponsible drilling operations, we can help you recover restitution for your land.

The drilling operations lawyers at Simien & Simien are committed to helping property owners and residents who have been harmed by the careless actions of oil and gas companies.

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Careless Drilling Practices

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After obtaining a lease for drilling operations, many companies will move quickly to develop the resources they want.

Unfortunately, the beginning stages of the process is when companies can’t afford to make any mistakes or missteps.

Some irresponsible actions that may be taken by a drilling corporation include (but are not limited to):

  • Breach of a clean-up contract
  • Failing to inform community members of accidents, leaks or other problems that could pose a danger to the public
  • Failing to use pit liners
  • Failing to remove leftover oil field equipment
  • Using faulty machinery
  • Accidentally contaminating land and water

Additionally, engaging in methods like hydraulic fracking has damaged residential and property in the area. Some scientists speculate that hydraulic fracking could be linked to small earthquakes recently reported around Texas and Oklahoma.

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When your property has been damaged or you have experienced physical side effects caused by contaminated ground water, you deserve to be compensated for your suffering. It can seem intimidating to go up against these large corporations, but Simien & Simien is ready to stand in your corner and fight for your rights.

Our objective is to hold companies that have engaged in irresponsible drilling operations accountable for the harm they have caused to victims and the environment.

Our firm has attorneys licensed in Louisiana. The firm, with appropriate local counsel, also provides representation in other states as well.

Some of the areas that our firm has represented clients in Louisiana include:

  • Baton Rouge
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  • Houma/Thibodeaux
  • New Orleans
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  • Port Allen

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