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Is a third-party liable for your work-related injuries?

Suffering an injury while at work can be a major setback for any Louisiana resident. You certainly never wanted to end up going to the hospital due to a work-related accident, but you knew that the risk existed because anyone could get hurt on the job. Unfortunately, you recently suffered harm, and now you wonder how you will get on financially.

Hopefully, your employer had the necessary workers' compensation insurance to provide you with needed benefits. However, you may believe that another person or entity may hold liability for the injuries that you suffered and the accident that caused you harm

Louisiana boating safety: an ever-present and unflagging concern

Louisiana is tied closely to water. It literally takes no more than a second's scanning of a state map for any viewer to see that the state is replete with rivers, lakes (both freshwater and saltwater), bayous and other bodies of water. And, of course, Louisiana's vast coastline stretches for hundreds of miles.

As such, the state has an unparalleled connection to water across virtually every dimension. Its maritime industry is globally recognized. Commercial and recreational fishing is a top-tier pursuit. Oil and gas exploration is a billion-dollar industry.

New tech tool seeks to promote motorcyclists’ safety

The reasons why drivers of passenger vehicles often cause accidents that injure or even kill other parties are many and diverse. Here are some prime contributors that up the odds for crash outcomes:

  • Dangerous driving behaviors like speeding, lane weaving and tailgating
  • Improper signaling and turning
  • Distracted/reckless driving
  • Behind-the-wheel intoxication

Researchers continue to look for TBI treatments

Whether you suffer a traumatic brain injury in a motor vehicle accident, a fall, a work-related accident or through some other catastrophe, you could end up left with lifelong issues as a result of your injury. Medical researchers and doctors still have a lot to learn about this type of injury since the brain remains a mystery even today.

One thing researchers are attempting to do now is find treatments that can help limit the severity of any potential brain damage and prevent death from a TBI. An international study could provide some insight in how to do just that.

Supreme Court rules in favor of upholding DACA protections

On June 18, the Supreme Court gave relief to hundreds of thousands of immigrants who arrived as children in the US without documentation when it ruled against the Administration's efforts to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA).

Fatal truck crashes buck accident trend, rising again during 2019

Roadway accidents involving large trucks in Louisiana and nationally are simply different from crashes featuring smaller passenger vehicles.

That’s obvious, right? An 18-wheel rig, tractor trailer or other commercial truck commands dimensions that flatly dwarf those of cars sharing the road with them. A large truck can weigh scores of thousands of pounds and be 70 feet in length or longer. Truckers have comparatively limited visibility and far less mobility than passenger cars. And they can eat up distance the size of a football field before coming to a stop from highway speed.

A compound fracture is much more than just a broken bone

The injuries suffered by people involved in car accidents vary widely, and it seems as though there is no rhyme or reason to them. One person can walk away relatively unscathed while someone else could suffer serious injuries. Even when vehicle occupants suffer similar injuries, they can range from minor to severe.

For instance, one injury many people suffer in crashes is a broken bone. While a broken bone can affect your life for some time, the injury may not endanger your life. However, if you suffer a compound fracture, also called an open fracture, your life could be at risk, and your recovery will take longer.

Working on onshore oil rigs presents plenty of dangers, too

The dangers of working on offshore oil rigs have gained quite a bit of attention in recent years due to some serious accidents. These accidents gain attention due to their size, environmental concerns and the loss of life and injuries involved. While companies ought to address those dangers, the risks of working on onshore oil rigs deserve just as much attention.

If you work in Louisiana's oil fields, then you know that your work is some of the most dangerous in the state. You face numerous risks each day, and the injuries you and your coworkers could suffer will often change your life forever. With everything that could go wrong during your workday, you may want to know what dangers make up the most common risks you face.

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