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Simien & Simien Personal Injury Law Blog

DUI risks are comparatively outsized for Louisiana drivers

Simien & Simien’s deep legal team of pro-victim personal injury attorneys have seen the gamut of accident causes over the firm’s quarter century-plus advocacy for injured clients.

We spotlight a few of those core catalysts on our website, noting crash-inducing factors such as these:

  • Behind-the-wheel recklessness (from speeding and tailgating to persistent lane weaving and failure to signal)
  • Driver neglect in keeping an automobile reasonably maintained and safe
  • Road defects ranging from faulty design to unsafe construction zones
  • Distracted driving (everything from texting to grooming)

Continuing motorcycle focus -- catalysts, injuries and remedies

We underscore an obvious though key personal injury point on our website at Simien & Simien, noting therein that, “There are many causes of motorcycle accidents.” Following are just a few commonly recurring catalysts that yield crash outcomes for bikers and their passengers in Louisiana and other states:

  • Distracted drivers (a broad universe, obviously, with motorists’ preoccupation ranging from phones and pets to kids, food and more)
  • Negligent/reckless behind-the-wheel behavior (culprits promoting risk are many, such as speeding, improper signaling, tailgating, excessive lane weaving and road rage)
  • Complex traffic and weather conditions
  • Drivers’ failure to give motorcyclists the same due regard given motorists in other passenger vehicles

Dangers are everywhere on oil rigs

Working on an oil rig is no one's idea of an easy job. Whether you are new to the position or have been in this industry for years, you understand that dangers are everywhere and that you always need to pay attention to your surroundings. Even on a good day, an accident could be lurking around the corner.

Though you undoubtedly hope that you will never suffer injuries on the job, it could happen to anyone. As a result, you want to remain aware of the hazards that you face when you report for your work-related duties every day.

Is there a core group of injury contributors in American workplaces?

Candidly, health and safety regulators focused on America's vast and varied workplaces don't confine themselves to limited terrain in searching out and addressing dangers to workers. They know that dangerous sources and linked injury catalysts exist across a broad universe.

Still, though, a few prominent culprits that threaten workplace safety routinely emerge year after year as top-tier regulatory concerns.

Did any of these injuries lead to the death of your loved one?

Car accidents cause numerous fatalities every year. The causes of these fatal events can differ, but in each case, a family must deal with the sudden loss of a loved one. You may have recently lost a family member in a serious crash, and now, you wonder how you will move forward.

Sadly, you are not alone in this type of ordeal, though you may certainly feel like you are at this time. As you work to return to some semblance of normal, you may find yourself going over the details of the accident again and again. While this can certainly be detrimental to your mental health if it continues unchecked, knowing the details could help if you choose to pursue a legal claim.

Louisiana roadway accident causes multiple, diverse

Let us count the ways.

Sadly, there are many catalysts that figuratively and literally drive automobile accidents across the expansive geographical practice range of Simien & Simien’s experienced legal team. We note on our tenured Louisiana personal injury law firm’s website that crash causes are many and that, “Accidents happen every day.”

National safety group weighs in on workplace injury risks, accidents

We know much about workplace environments at the established Louisiana personal injury law firm of Simien & Simien. The members of our practiced and deep legal team have collectively provided valued and diverse clients with aggressive and effective legal help for decades in the wake of work-linked accidents and injuries.

We prominently note a truism for workers on our firm’s website, namely, that, “Experiencing a serious injury due to a work-related accident can stop your health in its tracks.”

Are relaxed drilling rules in Gulf imperiling workers’ safety?

We referenced in a recent Simien & Simien blog post “an ongoing debate marked by a regulation-versus-profit rift” surrounding the country’s maritime industry. We underscored specifically in our firm’s March 10 blog entry a growing view that recently authored federal regulations have eroded safety protections for offshore workers and exposed them to increased dangers.

Ironically, maritime safety in the Gulf of Mexico was unquestionably enhanced not that long ago, following beefed-up safeguards mandated by regulators after the tragic Deepwater Horizon marine oil spill that occurred in 2010. Those measures reportedly wrought material safety gains that were evident across the maritime realm.

Chemical hazards prevalent in the oil and gas industry

Among the many dangers you face if you earn your income in the oil and gas industry are chemical hazards. It is crucial for workers in this industry in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi to learn about the risks because the consequences of exposure are often progressive. The fact that there is no date of injury or onset of an occupational disease could complicate claims for workers' compensation benefits.

Without proper protection, you could develop diseases that affect various organs, including your skin and lungs. Along with chemical hazards, excessive noise levels over time can cause hearing loss, and confined spaces can be death traps for untrained workers.

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