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Allegations of spiked maritime risks in wake of regulatory retreat

America's maritime commercial industry is a vast and sprawling realm, marked by ongoing challenges and seemingly limitless opportunities for exploitation and profit. Louisiana is a central player in that universe owing to both its singular proximity and long historical linkage to offshore business activity.

Today's Simien & Simien blog post spotlights the offshore world, specifically the Outer Continental Shelf. That watered realm expansively extends hundreds of miles out into the Gulf of Mexico. It prominently marks an area of ever-tremendous oil/gas energy exploration and profit-driven production. That firm commercial reality and an attendant fixation on fully exploiting opportunities has never been more apparent than it is now.

Fatigue among big-rig drivers a pressing public concern

Comparatively speaking, do downside consequences linked with drowsy and outright sleeping drivers in Louisiana and nationally yield starker outcomes than those tied to other dangerous behind-the-wheel behaviors?

They almost certainly do, stress the conclusions outlined in various crash studies, when they feature the drivers of large commercial vehicles. Think tractor trailers, semis and other assorted 18-wheel behemoths.

Intractable nemesis in Louisiana, nationally: trucker fatigue

Reasonably prudent drivers both locally and nationally know that unflagging behind-the-wheel vigilance is warranted at all times. We certainly know that the duly cautious motorists in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and elsewhere that we diligently represent at the Baton Rouge personal injury law firm of Simien & Simien well appreciate that necessity.

Despite the critical need for an eyes-on-the-road approach always, though, accidents do happen.

Key points workers need to know in wake of job-linked injury

Simien & Simien’s collectively deep legal team vigorously represents workers in multiple American states who suffer debilitating and life-limiting injuries in their workplaces.

As we duly note on the firm’s website, those employment venues are broadly diverse. The public readily perceives that serious on-the-job accidents and injuries regularly occur in industries such as the construction and maritime realms. They just as commonly occur in other employment sectors as well, though, ranging from retail to office work.

Don't believe these distracted driving myths

Driving is something most people do almost every day. Because of how often we do it, it can be easy to forget just how demanding a task it is to operate a motor vehicle. We can also forget the fact that a car is a big, heavy machine capable of causing catastrophic damage.

Perhaps this is why so many people attempt to do other things while they drive. However, the idea people can multitask safely behind the wheel and still be a safe driver is a myth, as are the following misconceptions about distracted driving.

5 mistakes truckers make that have devastating consequences

No one is a perfect driver; we have all made a mistake or bad decision. Often, we are lucky, and these missteps don't result in any harm. However, that is not always the case, particularly when the person who makes a mistake is operating a massive truck weighing tens of thousands of pounds.

When a truck driver makes a mistake, he or she can cause a catastrophic truck accident, so it is vital for truckers to drive safely. Unfortunately, too many of them make mistakes, including:

Asbestos exposure common in shipyards

When shipbuilders discovered a material that was lightweight, flexible, cheap, and resistant to flame and heat, they may have thought it was a miracle. For more than 40 years, they made use of this material in every possible way, including floors, walls, insulation and fireproofing. If you worked in the shipyards of Texas, Louisiana or Mississippi during this time, the protective gear you wore was likely made of this material.

If you haven't guessed by now, the material was asbestos. This miraculous, versatile material also turned out cause several incurable lung ailments, including mesothelioma. Despite certain restrictions the government has placed on the uses of mesothelioma, many who work in shipyards may still face exposure to its deadly fibers. You may already be dealing with symptoms of mesothelioma from your years in the shipyard.

Think broken ribs are not serious injuries? Think again

Suffering serious injuries often means that a person will need to learn to live differently, even if just for a short while. After a car accident, it is not uncommon for life-altering injuries to occur, and some of those injuries can cause complications or have lasting effects. Even a broken bone could cause more severe outcomes than first anticipated.

When another vehicle struck your vehicle, you may not have known what was happening. You may have felt your car spinning, felt your body jerking in various directions and may even have felt shocked when your vehicle finally came to a stop. Then, you felt immense pain.

A driver's speed can change everything in an accident

When accidents occur, leaving drivers and passengers with serious injuries, you may hear many of the popular causes for those accidents. For example, one driver may have been texting, impaired by drugs or alcohol, or driving while drowsy. These specific dangers get a lot of media attention, and rightly so. However, the common factor that causes many accidents, and which often increases the severity of injuries, is speed.

Speeding is a relative term, since you may be driving at the posted limit but still be taking a risk if conditions are bad, such as rain, fog or road construction. There is no question, however, that the unreasonable speed of other drivers places you at risk of catastrophic injuries if you should collide.

Silica exposure can lead to deadly lung disease

Dust may seem like a minor thing. In your home, you may use little more than a spritz of furniture spray and a soft cloth to remove the dust from your surfaces. However, on the job, the dust you deal with may be far more sinister.

If you are among the more than two million workers in the U.S. whose jobs involve exposure to stone cutting or similar hazards, you may think you are inhaling dust. What may actually be entering your lungs is a fine, soft powder called silica. Crystalline silica is a component of a variety of minerals, such as quartz, granite and sand. If your Louisiana job involves cutting, crushing or drilling these minerals, you may be at risk of silica exposure, which can lead to cancer, silicosis and other lung diseases.

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