Marine & Offshore Accidents

man on a barge at sea

Maritime and Offshore work can be dangerous. Those working on vessels or in the oil and gas exploration and/or production business can be injured or killed.

There are several laws that protect the rights of maritime and offshore workers.

Maritime law, also known as Admiralty law, is a body of private international laws that governs maritime injuries.

In addition to the General Maritime Law, the U.S. Congress enacted the Jones Act to protect the rights of maritime and offshore workers.


The Jones Act:

  • Provides protection to persons who are crew members of a ship or vessel, (including certain oil and gas rigs).
  • Extends the Federal Employer's Liability Act (FELA) protection to provide similar rights and remedies to seamen with a work-related injury caused by a condition on the vessel or the negligence of the employer.
  • Is a federal cause of action that ensures that all seaman injuries will be guided by the same liability standards.
  • Applies to inland river workers and others who work on rigs, semi-submersible ships, barges, drill ships, towboats, cruise ships, floating cranes, cargo shops, fishing vessels, tankers, dredges, recreational boats and other floating structures.
  • Is not the same as Workers' Compensation.  It provides for greater remedies, but requires that the injured worker prove that the vessel owners, offices, operators, employees or equipment were at fault for causing the injuries.
  • Allows injured employees to recover past financial, future financial losses and gain compensation for pain, suffering, mental anguish, disfigurement, loss of physical abilities, loss of ability to care for self and various other damages under the maritime law.

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