Louisiana Oil and Gas Law

Production of oil, gas and other minerals has reached high levels in the United States. In Louisiana specifically, there are several high-level producing oil wells and 11 other medium-level producing wells.

Although oil and gas production has created jobs and a booming industry, it has also created many problems. From damaged property to pollution to orphaned wells left unplugged for years, many Louisiana residents have become victims of this industry.

Has your property been damaged by oil or gas drilling? Was your land or water contaminated by pollutants? If you have suffered at the hands of a careless oil or gas companies, you may wish to file a claim for compensation.

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How We Can Help

At the law offices of Simien & Simien, we understand how being approached by an oil or gas drilling company for the use of the land in exchange for monetary compensation can seem like a great deal. Unfortunately, oil and gas drilling operations can lead to property damage and even health problems if pollutants contaminate your water or land.

Our experienced lawyers can help you in any oil and gas law matter, including:

  • Negotiating oil and gas leases
  • Lease termination disputes
  • Right of way disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Surface damage issues
  • Royalty disputes
  • Environmental clean up
  • Title disputes

Understanding the contracts drawn up by the legal team of a large corporation can be daunting for any person. Our understanding of the law combined with decades of legal experience puts us in a unique position to provide the skillful representation you need to secure a favorable result on your behalf.

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With a tremendous amount of legal experience and knowledge in oil and gas law, our lawyers are ready to help you fight back from what was taken from you. The effects oil waste or gas drilling operations are sometimes undetectable for years, which is why it is important to note that these types of claims can be made for up to ten years after the last oil and gas lease.

We are a law firm you can trust to fight for what is right and just. We are proud to have earned a trusted reputation in the United States and honored that thousands of clients have sought our reputation in their legal affairs.

Simien & Simien has attorneys that are licensed in both Louisiana; with appropriate counsel, the firm can also provide representation in other states as well. Some of the local areas our firm can assist includes:


  • Opelousas
  • Lake Charles
  • Baton Rouge
  • Lafayette
  • Monroe
  • Shreveport
  • New Orleans
  • Donaldsonville
  • Port Allen

... and all other areas throughout Louisiana.

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