Pipeline Ruptures & Spill Damage Claims

Pipelines are used to move crude oil and natural has over long distances between a producing region and a local distribution system. Unfortunately, when these pipelines fail and spills occur, the situation can lead to environmental damages and cause injuries.

According to the U.S. Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, more than 23,000 gross barrels of materials carried on a pipeline were spilled in 2013. This was the highest amount of barrels spilled in the national pipeline systems since 1999. The spills led to nine fatalities, 46 injuries and more than $16 million in property damage.

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Pipeline Ruptures and Spill Damages

When a pipeline ruptures, thousands of barrels of oil may be released directly into the area where the rupture occurred. In 2013, a pipeline that carried about 95,000 barrels of oil per day ruptured in Arkansas. The Environmental Protection Agency estimated that 5,000 to 7,000 barrels of crude were spilled; 12 homes were evacuated as a result of the spill.

Some damages often associated with pipeline ruptures include:

  • Water contamination
  • Toxic chemicals affecting air quality
  • Damage to homes
  • Land contamination
  • Impact on wildlife and habitats

When a gas pipeline ruptures, the risk of a fire is much higher. Since 2000, there have been several pipeline ruptures that have resulted in serious fires.

Rights of Land Owners

A pipeline rupture can directly affect homeowners and those who own land where the spill occurred. Those who were directly affected by the spill may be entitled to file a claim for covering property damage and the devaluation of your home.

Additionally, land owners may be entitled to file a claim seeking damages for property damages as well as lost opportunity. Lost opportunity is loss of income due to accident that was beyond their control. If you use your land for growing crops, the management of livestock or for other business demands, you may be entitled to compensation for lost opportunity.

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