Damages for Premature Death of Oil and Gas Well Production

Premature Dead oil gas wells

When you sign into a mineral lease agreement with an oil or gas company, you are signing up to receive royalty payments for the duration of the lease. In most cases, a well may be drilled for up to ten years.

However, if a well prematurely dies, your royalty payments may also soon stop. Do you know what your legal rights are if the premature death of an oil or gas well occurs? If the company suddenly leaves and fails to adequately clean-up the land, your property value may diminish and the risk of environmental damage is much greater.

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Why Does Premature Death Occur?

When an oil or gas company begins to drill, they must ensure that they are taking the right steps to prevent the premature death of the well. A cement foundation within a well can help prevent premature death as it can prevent water from entering and potentially corrupting the mineral.

Premature death of a gas or oil well may be caused by contamination of the mineral being excavated. However, other errors on the part of the companies or employees drilling can also lead to premature death. If an employee is not properly trained or equipment used has not been properly maintained, it could lead to an error and premature death of a well.

The premature death of a well may be covered in the lease agreement terms, however, some companies may fail to disclose what will happen if they commit an error that causes the oil well to “die.” At Simien & Simien, we can help you with these types of disputes and help you determine what your legal rights are if you have entered into amineral lease and the premature death of an oil well occurred.

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