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Louisiana is a center of industry, with many important materials such as fossil fuels, produce and seafood being transported along our roads each day. According to Louisiana’s Highway Safety Research Group, over 9,000 truck accidents occurred on Louisiana roads in 2012. Over 2,300 of those accidents led to injury, and 93 ended in death.

Big rigs, 18-wheelers and tractor trailers typically weigh about 80,000 pounds. The responsibility of driving an 18-wheeler is massive, because one mistake can cause tragic injuries and death.  Truck drivers are put under enormous pressure to deliver items quickly.  To keep up, truck drivers are using multiple methods to stay awake, deliver their items and keep their jobs.

Accidents happen every day, but when you or a loved one is hurt because of someone else’s negligence, the victims have legal rights. The legal team at Simien & Simien has a reputation for successful results and has effectively represented clients in many parts of the country. Our truck accident lawyers are proud to defend the rights of Louisiana accident victims and pursue justice for their injuries.

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Types of Trucks

There are many different types of large commercial trucks that can pose hazards on the road. Each type of truck is designed for specific purposes.

Some common forms of commercial vehicles include:

  • Armored cars
  • Cargo delivery (USPS, UPS, FedEx)
  • Dump trucks
  • Fire engines
  • Flat beds
  • Food trucks
  • Garbage trucks
  • Harvesters
  • Semi-trucks / tractor-trailers / 18-wheelers
  • Tanker trucks

There are several other types of trucks, but those listed above are most commonly encountered by motorists. Although the trucking industry has implemented many different safety procedures and made certain safety equipment mandatory, many of the commercial trucks still use outdated equipment. It is important to always keep a safe following distance and practice defensive driving, especially in the presence of large, heavy vehicles.

Causes of Truck Accidents

Some common causes of truck crashes include:

  • Distracted drivers
  • Driver inexperience
  • Driving under the influence
  • Fatigued drivers
  • Improperly secured cargo
  • Load shifts
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Speeding

There are special constraints within the trucking industry that can lead to some of the common factors listed above. Unfortunately, despite efforts of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), industry practices such as tight delivery deadlines, incentive-based bonuses and drug use can all contribute to tragic truck collisions.

Common Types of Trucking Collisions

The unique size, shape and weight of large commercial vehicles can be severely damaging in an accident. Certain types of truck accidents are common when a collision occurs with another vehicle.

Some common forms of truck collisions include:

  • Head-on
  • Jackknife
  • Rear-end
  • Rollover
  • Runaway trailers
  • Side-impact
  • Underride

When a trucker loses control of his rig or trailer, it is very difficult to recover control of such a massive vehicle. In many cases, catastrophic damage results, and victims may suffer serious personal injury or wrongful death.

Injuries in Truck Crashes

Injuries in truck crashes are often very serious and may be life threatening. This is especially true in highway accidents, when the truck and involved vehicle were likely travelling at high speeds.

Some common injuries that occur in trucking accidents include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord trauma
  • Fractures
  • Whiplash
  • Facial damage
  • Lacerations
  • Bruising
  • Internal damage
  • Dental trauma
  • Rib and torso trauma

Truck crashes also frequently end in wrongful death. Because of the severity of injuries in a truck collision, it may take several weeks or even months to recover, and in cases of brain damage, the process can include extensive physical and cognitive therapy. If you or a loved one has been hurt, you could be eligible for financial compensation.

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Big rig or 18-wheeler accidents have been increasing dramatically the past few years. No truck accident is minor – damages will almost always occur when such a colossal vehicle is involved.

The reasons for these accidents vary, but regardless of the excuse, there are always several victims that will need extensive medical care and lost wages, or worse: families who have lost a loved one and are not only grieving, but have suffered financial losses.  The victims of big truck accidents pay an enormous cost. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident with a large commercial truck, the legal team at Simien & Simien may be able to help.

Our attorneys have earned a trusted reputation in many parts of the country and strive to provide competent and efficient representation to each of our clients. Simien & Simien, LLC understands the various factors that must be evaluated to determine the fault in a big rig accident and the right amount of compensation for the victims of big-rig truck accidents. We have the experience and determination to fight large commercial transport companies on the behalf of injured persons who have been victims of trucker negligence with attorneys that are licensed in both Louisiana and Texas to provide person injury services in those states. The firm, with appropriate local counsel, also provides representation in other states as well. Some of the places in which our firm has represented clients in Louisiana and Texas include:


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