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Providing comprehensive legal guidance to personal injury victims throughout the states of Louisiana, Texas & Mississippi.

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Automobile Accidents

Insurance companies don’t always do the right thing for people injured in car accidents. We are here to hold those companies accountable.

18-Wheeler Big Rig Accidents

Truck accident cases can be complicated. Our attorneys have the proven track record to help you obtain just compensation for your injuries.

Wrongful Death

Though money can never bring your special one back, it can make financial life a bit easier. Our wrongful death lawyers are compassionate, yet aggressive to support you in seeking compensation for your loss.

Maritime & Offshore Injuries

Our firm is here to help injured oil rig workers, longshoremen and others.

Asbestos & Mesothelioma

If you have suffered mesothelioma or you have lost a loved one to it, you know how devastating it is. We can use our experienced in asbestos disease cases to help you fight for maximum compensation.

Workplace Accidents

Experiencing a serious injury due to a work-related accident can happen at any time. Our attorneys know how to hold responsible parties to account.

Experience Matters

At Simien & Simien, LLC, of how we have been able to help so many people over the years is the experience we have to offer. Together, we have more than 100 years of experience. Having built so many cases, we understand what works and how to make the most out of even less than ideal situations. Our experience allows to generate success both at the negotiating table and during litigation where we have fought major verdicts over the years. Recoveries have varied: contact us to learn about our past results

Getting ResultsFor Our Clients

At Simien & Simien, LLC, we understand the difficulties our clients face after being seriously injured. That is why we work so hard to achieve the best possible results for them. We are a seasoned team of litigators who are committed to using every tool at our disposal to help you obtain full compensation for your injuries. Our goal is to leave in the best situation possible when your case is done.


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When serious injury has taken over your life, the right attorney can show you the way forward and help you secure the maximum compensation for what you have suffered. Turn to Simien & Simien, LLC. To schedule a free initial consultation contact us online.

We only collect attorney’s fees in personal injury cases if we secure compensation for you.