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Defective tires may de-tread and lead to serious, severe and debilitating injuries and even death. In fact, there are hundreds of serious accidents every year, many related to tire failures.

Many people do not realize that certain tires and certain types of vehicles are more prone to such accidents than others depending upon the tire and vehicle types, weight and size of the vehicle and other factors. Certain SUV’s, including the Ford Explorer, have been associated with this type of tire failure.

The personal injury attorneys at Simien & Simien, LLC, have experience with and have been successful in working on tire de-tread cases and other complex and serious injury and death cases. The handling of such cases requires timely and thorough investigation by competent and resourceful lawyers.

If you, your spouse, family members or loved ones have been the victims of such an accident, don’t hesitate to call our firm as important deadlines may be passing or evidence may be lost. It is of the utmost importance that every step is taken to preserve the car and tires immediately as their loss or destruction could risk any chance at recovery.

You should contact a lawyer who has experience in these cases and whom you can trust to handle your claims competently and take immediate steps to preserve important evidence.

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What Happens When A Tire Blows Out?

When a tire de-treads, it suddenly separates from its tread, often causing the rapid deflation and loss of tire pressure, and may even lead to rupturing of the tire or a complete blowout.

When this happens at highway speeds, the vehicle will become nearly impossible to control, resulting in the vehicle violently changing lanes or directions. This can be so difficult to control that even the most careful, and thoughtful driver may not be able to recover in such an accident.

The dynamics of these accidents can have devastating results on the vehicle’s occupants and in some circumstances may lead to the ejection of the occupants, as well as internal failure of the seats. De-tread accidents often cause vehicles to rollover or overturn.

Needless to say, the injuries from such accidents are life-threatening, can cause lifelong injuries, including paralysis, and may even result in death. Rollover accidents frequently occur when a vehicle encounters a drastic change in surface texture, such as pavement to grass or dirt when in a sideway motion.

In such circumstances, the surface literally trips the vehicle onto its side and the momentum caries it into a roll.

A vehicle can rollover even when the tire does not de-tread.

Common Causes Of Car Accidents

Types Of Car Accident Injuries:

I’ve Had An Accident Caused By A Blow-Out. Do I Have A Case?

Some of these rollovers are caused by defective designs of the vehicles. In addition, injuries received in an automobile accident can be increased if the vehicle is not adequately designed to properly protect the occupants in a crash. This is known as a crash worthiness claim. If a vehicle rolls over due to a defective design or if the injuries to the occupants are worsened due to roof cave in or other design defects, the victims and their families may have claims against the vehicle’s manufacturer.

With this in mind, it is important to know not just the tread wear, but also the manufacturer brand and manufacturer date and shelf date of the tire as these can both determine the quality and usefulness of the tire and if it has been identified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) as a defective item.

Needless to say, with the types of stresses and losses associated with such claims, it is important that the lawyer representing the victims of these accidents and their families has experience in litigating complex cases and those involving catastrophic injuries.

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