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Have you or someone you love suffered an injury from an auto accident that was caused by another motorist? If so, you or that victim may be entitled to financial compensation for any injuries that have been sustained in that collision.

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Common Car Crash Related Injuries

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While some accident injuries require urgent medical attention, in many cases, the injuries that victims receive from a collision often do not surface for a number of days AFTER the crash has taken place.

For example, crash victims that suffer a whiplash injury often feel fine at the scene of the accident, only to start having throbbing neck pain one to two days after the event.

Has this happened to you or someone that you know?

In some cases, the injury victim may be eligible to recover financial compensation that can help to pay for the treatment of any injuries sustained and other expenses that are often associated with recovering from a serious injury.

With this in mind, some common types of injuries from car wrecks can include:

...and many others.

If possible, it is also a good idea for accident victims to document any injuries that may have sustained in the crash. At our law firm, we often use this type of information to help make a stronger argument for your MAXIMUM compensation claim.

Common Causes of Car Wrecks

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There are an estimated 254 million registered passenger vehicles here in the United States. The drivers of those vehicles face a variety of obstacles, road and weather conditions as they navigate the roadways.

While some drivers out there do their best to follow the rules of the road, there are other drivers who are careless and negligent with little regard for the law or their fellow motorists.

Some common crash causes often involve:

While driver error is usually a main contributing factor in a collision, there can be other reasons why a collision occurs. In these cases, the driver that is injured may still be eligible to receive benefits from their insurance policy.

Common Types of Collisions

car after a serious rear end collision

Due to the forces involved in most car crashes, the resulting damage can be very costly for all parties involved. According to the Insurance Research Council, the average claim for injuries to cover both the insured driver and others involved in the crash was $23,450 in 2010.

Soaring medical costs, lost wages, or lack of transportation can become major obstacles for many crash victims.

Some common types of crashes can include:

  • Rollover – A rollover collision is when a vehicle flips onto its side or roof, typically due to a driver taking a sharp turn at too high of a speed. Rollovers occur more commonly in SUVs.
  • Rear end - This type of crash occurs when a vehicle smashes into the car directly in front of it.  Rear-end collisions usually happen when the car behind was following too closely.  Also, the car in the rear may have accelerated too quickly.
  • Head on - These types of collisions are defined as the collision of the front of two cars, or the front end of one vehicle with a stationary object like a tree or wall. Head-on collisions are the most likely to be fatal.
  • Sideswipe - Sideswipe collisions happen when a car lightly touches or “swipes” another vehicle or a fixed object like a mailbox.  Usually, sideswipe crashes have less damage compared to other collision types.
  • Side impact – A side impact crash is commonly referred to as a T-bone collision.  This happens when the side of one vehicle is hit by either the front or rear of another vehicle.
  • Hit & run – A hit and run collision refers to any damage caused to a vehicle by another driver where the offending driver fails to stop and identify themselves at the scene of the collision. These collisions can range from bumper scrapes in a parking lot to major collisions, resulting in serious personal injuries or even fatalities.

Driving defensively is one of the best ways to avoid being in a crash.  By obeying traffic laws and being mindful of the vehicles around you, a motorist can often avoid a potentially hazardous driving situation.

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A car accident can be a traumatic experience for not only the injury victims but also for their family members and other dependents. A split-second car crash can change lives forever.

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