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Famous Driverless Cars of Movies & Television

Driverless cars seem to be making it big in the news lately; this is largely due to Toyota being under fire with the mass tort threatening the future of such automobiles. In any case, driverless cars have been featured in dozens of television shows and movies over the years. These television shows and movies likely had an influence on innovators of modern technology in developing driverless cars for every day transportation in the real world. If you have been injured in a car accident and you’re looking for a reputable personal injury attorney in Baton Rouge contact Simien & Simien today for a free consultation.

Our Favorite Automated Vehicles

Many of our lawyers are movie fanatics and are able to recall a number of television and film appearances of driverless vehicles. The following list includes driverless cars which helped pave the way for modern day technology:

The Love Bug

This film features Herbie, a vehicle that is able to drive himself after a race car driver becomes down on his luck. The Disney film series began in 1968, while several movies were created based on Herbie.

Knight Rider

K.I.T.T. is a driverless Pontiac Trans Am featured in the 1982 television series. Not only could this vehicle drive itself, but it could talk too.


In this 1983 film Christine was an autonomous car, along with the title of the movie. The film was written by famous horror author Stephen King where the car was possessed by an evil spirit.


Every Batman movie has featured a new Batmobile, which is able to drive itself to Batman’s current location.

Total Recall

This film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and features multiple taxis, referred to as Johnny Cabs, which are controlled by artificial intelligence along with android drivers.

Demolition Man

This film stars Sylvester Stallone and is set in 2032 where vehicles are able to operate on “Auto Mode” allowing a voice controlled computer to operate the cars.


This film stars Jean-Claude Van Damme and features cars that can drive on command to a specific location.

I, Robot

This film stars Will Smith and features several driverless vehicles which are safer and faster to travel in.

The 6th Day

Once again, Arnold Schwarzenegger is involved in a film featuring a driverless car. In this film Adam Gibson is sent to 2015 without his consent, and at a time where driverless cars exist.

Minority Report

This film is based in 2054 and features a famous chase scene involving driverless cars.

While Google is currently testing driverless cars, many are eager to see if this mass tort against Toyota will indeed effect the future of these cars, or will it prove these cars are actually safe? Only time can tell.