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Outside pressures truck drivers may face

There are certainly semi-truck accidents that occur because drivers simply make mistakes, as happens with accidents exclusively involving passenger cars all the time. A driver could fail to brake soon enough to stop before causing a rear-end accident, for example, or they could merge into the side of a vehicle

Factors that increase truck driver fatigue

Truck drivers provide a vital service across our country. They deliver the goods that stock the shelves in grocery stores and much more. Needless to say, this involves a lot of work. For the most part, truck drivers carry out their duties in a safe manner, but this isn’t always

Should you listen to music when you run?

When people decide to go for a run for exercise, they often choose to listen to music. For those who simply want to cover a lot of distance, music is a way to make it less boring. For those who want to get faster and in better shape, music can

3 tips for driving around semitrucks

Semitrucks play an important role in commerce, but they are also very dangerous simply because of their large size and heavy weight. Anyone who’s driving through Baton Rouge will see plenty of these vehicles on the interstate. Everyone on the roadways must ensure they’re as safe as possible. There are

Common causes of jackknifing collisions

Trucks deliver goods across the state of California and beyond. For the most part, this happens without incident. Unfortunately, there are occasions when collisions occur, and it is generally the smaller vehicle that comes off worst. One of the most notable types of trucking accidents is jackknifing collisions. These occur when

What is a black box in the trucking industry?

Drivers need to know that there is a “black box” in most large trucks today. This box is responsible for recording information about the operation of the vehicle. When someone is hit by a truck or involved in a truck accident, this electronic device known as an Electronic Control Module (ECM) should

How dangerous are trucks?

Sharing the road with 18-wheelers can be downright scary. Yet, not all fears are rational. Should you be scared of trucks when driving or not? The National Safety Council’s 2020 truck crash statistics can help determine the answer. They found just under 5,000 people died in truck crashes, and just under 150,000

Do you need to cast blame beyond the driver in a truck crash?

If a truck crashes into you, and you are sure you did nothing wrong, then it must be the truck driver’s fault, right? Yes and no. Sometimes other people contributed to the crash. Ones who were not there when it happened. Only around 11% of truck drivers are owner-operators. They get

Truck drivers get distracted, too: Here’s how

When a truck driver is on the road, your hope is that they’re paying attention and are prepared to safely reach their destination. You expect that they are well-rested and that they don’t have distractions that are keeping them from doing their job well. Unfortunately, distractions are common for truck drivers,

How common is truck driver fatigue?

When you start yawning while driving, you probably know that it is time to head home or pull to the side of the road to rest. However, due to a wide variety of factors, truck drivers may not pull off the road when they become fatigued or drowsy. How common