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Two words that a ship’s crew never wants to hear

“Man overboard!” These words strike terror in the hearts of every maritime worker. The moment the alert is sounded, they quickly spring into action. Response time is crucial when performing a rescue for a crew member who has fallen overboard. The truth is that falling overboard can happen at the

The heat dangers of summer offshore work

There are many dangers and risks associated with offshore work. As the heat of summer increases, it’s crucial for those who work on offshore oil rigs and vessels to have sufficient protection from high temperatures and sun. The humidity on the Gulf can make conditions even more unbearable. Offshore oil

Why is noise a problem for ship workers?

If you lose your hearing, you may never get it back. Therefore protecting it is crucial. Significant hearing loss does not occur from occasionally attending heavy metal or other loud concerts due to the relatively short time you are exposed to high noise levels. Working with excessive noise day after

What are the causes of maritime accidents?

There are many causes of maritime accidents, so it’s impossible to discuss every one. However, some of the most common causes are those that are completely preventable, such as replacing old equipment or making repairs when a boat or dock has too much wear and tear. Safety has to be

Answering the most common FAQ’s about the Jones Act

Any job will put a person at risk of getting hurt, but there are certain professions that are much more dangerous than others. Location often factors into how likely someone is to get hurt at work. Those who do jobs at offshore facilities, like oil and gas extraction professionals or

Protecting your case after a maritime accident

If you work in the maritime industry, you will often work in a potentially dangerous environment. At sea, accidents and emergencies can happen. While you cannot always do anything to prevent these from taking place, you may be able to do something about how you are treated in the aftermath.

What is the Jones Act and how does it affect you?

If you work in the maritime industry in any capacity, you are likely impacted by the Jones Act. Put into place shortly after the First World War, it is a sometimes controversial act governing how goods can be transported between U.S. ports. It began in 1920 and takes its name

Issues re maritime employees’ protections during health pandemic

“Another wrinkle.” That is what the maritime-focused Waterways Journal underscores in its assessment of added protections afforded industry employees by the federal Jones Act. Here’s an example featuring the sizable health risks currently posed for maritime workers by the COVID-19 pandemic. The journal notes that many maritime employers are now requiring

Working on onshore oil rigs presents plenty of dangers, too

The dangers of working on offshore oil rigs have gained quite a bit of attention in recent years due to some serious accidents. These accidents gain attention due to their size, environmental concerns and the loss of life and injuries involved. While companies ought to address those dangers, the risks

Port of New Orleans Spotlights Maritime Month

Informed people across the country know how critically important maritime workers are in promoting the nation’s economy and security. We underscored the central role they play in a recent blog post on our website at the tenured Louisiana business and personal injury law firm of Simien & Simien. We noted