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What are the causes of maritime accidents?

There are many causes of maritime accidents, so it’s impossible to discuss every one. However, some of the most common causes are those that are completely preventable, such as replacing old equipment or making repairs when a boat or dock has too much wear and tear.

Safety has to be a priority for people working in this industry, because being trained on recognizing hazards and how to address them could help prevent injuries and save lives.

What are some common causes of maritime accidents?

There are a few causes of maritime accidents to consider. Here are three.

  1. Not using the right navigation equipment

One common cause is relying on floating aids during navigation. When a pilot or captain is over-reliant on visual aids, there is a risk that they could oversteer or lose control of what they’re towing. Using the right navigation equipment to monitor the surroundings and stay on track is essential, especially in rough waters or unfamiliar areas.

  1. Not stressing fire safety

Fires can break out on barges, boats and other vessels. It’s important for everyone working in the maritime industry to be aware of the fire hazards that are present and to know how to address a fire if it does occur. Safety training courses are beneficial, as are the right tools to put out smaller fires before they get out of hand. Not putting out a fire could mean abandoning ship, but even that isn’t a guarantee of safety.

  1. Ineffective training

Perhaps one of the more significant issues that people run into in the maritime industry is not having the right training to handle issues on board. Ineffective or insufficient training can lead to people making mistakes that cause accidents, and those accidents could maim or kill. Using regular training programs and those approved by vital agencies in the industry is beneficial for everyone working in the field.

These are three common causes of maritime accidents. It’s possible to prevent these accidents with better training and through more stress being placed on safety, but until then, those who are injured do have the option of seeking compensation for their injuries.