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April 2017 - Simien & Simien, LLC

Laws for Louisiana Motorcycle Riders

Part of the appeal of riding a motorcycle is that there is nothing between you and the open road. Unfortunately, this creates a much higher risk of injury or death if you are involved in a motorcycle accident. That is one of the reasons Louisiana motorcycle laws were created. Following

Seamen Injuries Eligible For Workers Compensation

Federal and state laws on workers’ compensation do not apply to people who do at least 30 percent of their work on boats and other seafaring vessels. That is why The Jones Act was created. It is a federal law that allows seamen who were injured on the job to

Tips for Drivers and Pedestrians on Reducing Accidents

Last night, a pedestrian was killed after he was hit by an SUV while he was crossing Florida Blvd near Wooddale Drive. Unfortunately, the risk of deadly pedestrian-car crashes in Louisiana is much higher than many other states. In January, a report from the Center for Planning Excellence revealed that