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March 2022 - Simien & Simien, LLC

Are self-driving cars safe?

The future is here and it is home to self-driving cars! While this is very exciting, it also could be cause for concern. Our current roadway system was not built for “smart cars.” Despite all of the safety tests that have been done there is no real way to determine

Common accidents can lead to serious brain injuries

Accidents happen all the time. And when you are involved in one, you might end up with life-altering injuries. One of the injuries you can sustain following an accident is damage to the brain. Brain damage occurs when the skull is subjected to trauma. This happens when the injury victim is

Why are car accidents more common at night?

Most people ask the question, “Why do most car accidents happen at night?” In fact, studies indicate that approximately 49% of fatal car accidents happen at night. There are a number of factors behind this. The dangers of driving at night are apparent when you think about diminished visibility. Here are some

Do you need to cast blame beyond the driver in a truck crash?

If a truck crashes into you, and you are sure you did nothing wrong, then it must be the truck driver’s fault, right? Yes and no. Sometimes other people contributed to the crash. Ones who were not there when it happened. Only around 11% of truck drivers are owner-operators. They get

What happens if you lose your job and have an H1-B visa?

As a skilled or educated employee, you qualified for a work visa. Your exceptional skills made you an ideal candidate for a job in the United States, and you were lucky enough to secure an H1-B visa when you applied. However, your employer’s luck has not been as good as

How mesothelioma’s latency period might affect your claim

As most people know, mesothelioma is a very slow-developing disease. Years or even decades can pass between your asbestos exposure and your first signs of illness. In fact, it is not unusual for victims to bring claims of negligence against their old employer 20, 30, even 40 years after they

Can you bring your foreign national spouse to the United States?

When you marry your spouse, you promise to build a life together and to support one another. It can be hard to know how life will test that commitment in the future. Sometimes, life circumstances may force you apart. Work, schooling or family matters could lead to long-term separations of

How risky are the roads on St. Patrick’s Day?

Local police forces issue warnings about St. Patrick’s Day. With so many people out celebrating, and many starting to drink much earlier than on a school day, it is obvious that drunken drivers will be an issue. Yet, while it is the first major celebration of the year, it is

Which employment visa is right for me?

If you want to work in the United States, you need to consider which type of employment visa is right for you. You have a number of visas to choose from, and the right visa in your situation will depend upon factors such as your education level, your area of

Will rising gas prices create new accident risks?

With gas prices rising above four dollars in parts of Louisiana, many drivers will be looking for alternative methods of transportation. The changing landscape of our streets and highways will likely present new dangers to drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and anyone who shares the road. Motorcycle safety becomes even more important