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November 2020 - Simien & Simien, LLC

You can avoid many leading causes of car crashes

Some situations that lead to severe car crashes aren’t easily preventable. For example, you can’t avoid getting behind the wheel anytime it’s windy or rainy. However, a significant number of crashes that occur every year are the result of bad decision-making or poor driving habits. Identifying some of the leading

Oh, no, not again: major SUV safety recall announced

Some Ford vehicles of relatively recent vintage know the inside of company dealers’ repair departments quite well. And for good reason: They’ve been there multiple times for the same issue. The auto industry publication Car and Driver spotlights that issue – a serious vehicle malfunction and safety glitch – in

These signs could point to a serious brain injury

Bodies try to warn people of illnesses and injuries in various ways. Of course, it is not always easy to know what your body is trying to tell you. You may think feeling sleepy means you need to go to bed and that a little forgetfulness is normal. However, if

OSHA: Worksite safety emphasis must be proactive, constant

Implement strict protocols about workers wearing protective gear around power tools and machinery. Require supervisors to follow up promptly and in accordance with company policies concerning worker illnesses and injuries. Ensure that appropriate safety training is consistently provided to employees. Anticipate workplace risks and promptly address them. That mantra-like list

Louisiana’s oil and gas industry: huge and risk-laden

Is Louisiana’s oil and gas industry important to the state? Does a dog bark? Candidly, it’s hard to even meaningfully address how vital that work sphere is to the state’s bottom line, as measured by virtually any yardstick. Following are some relevant numbers that readily confirm how hard it is