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November 2015 - Simien & Simien, LLC

Thanksgiving Day Travel Tips

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, people across the country are looking forward to reuniting with their friends and family around the dinner table. What they aren’t looking forward to is the heavy traffic, long waits and the increased risk of getting into a car accident. In most years, more

Are Traumatic Brain Injuries Behind Aggressive Driving?

Have you ever dealt with another driver on the road who was extremely hostile to the point where it seemed like they were trying to start a fight? According to a recent study, there may be a chance that person has suffered some form of brain damage. If a person

Louisiana Waterways Among Most Polluted in Country

Louisiana’s rivers and streams are among the most toxic in the nation, according to a report by the Environment America Research and Policy Center. The toxic chemicals released into waterways include nitrates, dioxins and other poisonous chemicals. These toxins can cause cancer, birth defects, infertility, neurological problems and a host

NHTSA To Takata – Speed Up Recalls or Face Big Fines

Takata Corporation, one of the world’s largest producers of automotive airbags, was handed down a penalty which could cost them up to $200 million. The civil penalty was issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) earlier this week and is the largest such penalty in the agency’s history.

Automatic Emergency Braking May Become Standard on New Vehicles

Earlier this week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems will be added to its 5-Star Rating system, starting with 2018 models. AEB systems, already featured on many new cars, work with sensors in the vehicle and automatically apply the brakes if a collision