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Automatic Emergency Braking May Become Standard on New Vehicles

Earlier this week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) announced automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems will be added to its 5-Star Rating system, starting with 2018 models.

AEB systems, already featured on many new cars, work with sensors in the vehicle and automatically apply the brakes if a collision is imminent. Although the 5-Star Safety rating program is not a Federal requirement, most auto-makers use it as a guideline for standard features.

Not all AEB systems currently on the market are the same. Some only increase brake pressure after the driver steps on the brake pedal. Others can activate the brakes without driver input. Some of them are only designed to prevent rear-end collisions, while others can brake while reversing or changing lanes. All AEB technology works in conjunction with a variety of sensors that can detect objects using radar, cameras or laser-reflection sensors.

These sensors are already common on newer cars, but only certain models transfer control of the vehicle to a computer when an object is about to be hit. This collision-detection technology can reduce car accidents by alerting drivers of objects that might be in their blind spot or force them to pay attention if they are distracted or looking in another direction. Vehicles with some level of autonomous control have the potential to dramatically reduce car accidents.

The NHTSA introduced the 5-Star Safety Rating program in 1978 to measure how new vehicles responded in frontal crashes, then later side-impact crashes and rollovers. In 2011, they overhauled the rating system to provide much more comprehensive information about the safety of the vehicle. The new system only rates 2010 or later car models.

The rating system is intended to provide consumers with better information about the safety of new cars. It is not a federal mandate for automakers. However, since most car makers use the 5-Star Rating system for marketing purposes, it can influence their decision to include certain safety technologies as standard features.

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