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May 2022 - Simien & Simien, LLC

Don’t become a summertime statistic

Summertime is the time for road trips! Whether you’re on your way to the beach or the mountains, you can do a few things to make sure your trip is safe. Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way without any worries. How to stay safer during your summer

3 occupations at a high risk of asbestos exposure

Asbestos is a mineral naturally found in the environment and that has long been used in a number of industries. Since the Occupational Safety and Health Administration determined that asbestos was a hazard, it has been heavily regulated. That being said, it is still used regularly in the United States

How dangerous are trucks?

Sharing the road with 18-wheelers can be downright scary. Yet, not all fears are rational. Should you be scared of trucks when driving or not? The National Safety Council’s 2020 truck crash statistics can help determine the answer. They found just under 5,000 people died in truck crashes, and just under 150,000

Should there be an upper age limit on driving?

Health improvements mean people are living longer than ever before. Despite the advances in medicine, some health issues as a person ages may affect their ability to drive. Of course, that does not mean that a person’s age necessarily means they should not drive. Yet people’s ability to drive will deteriorate in

Do I need to renew my green card?

Once you succeed in getting a green card, it becomes one more card in your wallet, like your driving license, that you need to occasionally pull out and show someone. It is easy to forget how much effort it took you to get it. Replacing it will be a hassle

What risk do partying teens pose on the roads?

Drunk driving should not be an issue among teenage drivers as the law does not permit people to drink until they turn 21 years of age. However, many people start drinking much younger than that, and, as with some adults, not everyone understands or makes an effort to drink responsibly.