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The state of Louisiana is home to some major environmental projects, including oil and gas excavation. Several companies come to the state seeking natural resources, and it is estimated that the state is home to more than 100 oil and gas fields. All in all, the state is home to about 2 percent of all United States petroleum reserves.

Although there are positives for excavating these natural resources, such as the thousands of residents employed in the oil industry, many times it can also lead to environmental damage. In 2010, the largest oil spill in petroleum history occurred just off the coast of Louisiana. The spill wreaked havoc on the environment, and some scientists believe that the full extent of all the damages will not be known for decades.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of environmental damages caused by a careless party, the victim may be entitled to compensation for property damage, medical expenses, lost wages and more. At the law offices of Simien & Simien, LLC, our experienced environmental lawyers have decades of experience and are ready to help fight for the justice that you deserve.

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Common Causes Of Environmental Damage

Environmental damage is most commonly caused by another individual, or by a party’s negligence, such as a company that failed to properly clean up their toxic waste or maintain their equipment.

Some common causes of this type of damage include:

  • Illegal toxic waste dumping
  • Failing to properly inspect sites
  • Leaking pipelines
  • Improper storage of hazardous waste materials
  • Improper transport of hazardous waste
  • Failure to properly test drilling sites
  • Unsuitable oilfield cleanup
  • Failing to correctly line oilfield pits/ponds

Along with several laws and regulations already in place for properly disposing of toxic waste, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration also has guidelines in place so that hazardous materials are transported properly. Failing to identify the type of hazardous material a truck has can lead to environmental and health damages should the truck be involved in an accident during transport.

Different Types Of Environmental Damage

Although Louisiana is mainly home to oil and gas reserves, there are several specific causes that could bring about environmental damage.

Some further types of environmental damage include:

In the event that land, soil and water are contaminated this could cause a trickle of events. Contaminated water could be ingested or used to water crops. Soil and land contamination could lead to the contamination of food products or even the death of certain animals.

Injuries And Illnesses Caused By Toxic Areas

Although wildlife and livestock may be harmed by toxic waste, town residents may also suffer from the contamination of water and soil.

Injuries and illnesses that may be caused by toxic elements include:

  • Skin conditions
  • Cancer
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Neurological problems
  • Brain damage
  • Fertility problems, etc.

Furthermore, a person may also experience a loss of home value due to poorly cleaned-up oil and gas extraction sites.

Although residents in the outer-laying areas may be affected, those working on-site may also be affected by the adverse conditions. If you or a loved one believes they have suffered from an injury or illness caused by environmental damage, our experienced attorneys can provide comprehensive legal advice on your specific situation.

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As oil, gas and other industries continue to look to Louisiana to provide the nation with the resources it needs, more and more families will be at risk of suffering from illnesses caused by environmental risks.

At Simien & Simien, LLC, we are a law firm you can trust to fight for what is right and just. Our lawyers are knowledgeable in environmental law and can obtain expert testimony if it is needed for your case.

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