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During a car accident, a victim will often experience serious head injuries caused by the head coming into contact with something within the vehicle, such as a dashboard or steering wheel.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 17 percent of all brain injuries are caused by a motor vehicle accident. Injuries to the brain are not always obvious and victims may not be aware that they have suffered serious head trauma immediately after an accident.

If you or a loved one has suffered a head injury in a car crash that was caused by a careless driver, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

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Types Of Skull Injuries

Skull injuries may be considered penetrating and nonpenetrating; either one could occur during a car crash. Some types of injuries that can be caused by a penetrating or nonpenetrating cranial injury include:

Intracranial Bleeding

Even if an injury does not penetrate the skull or brain, bleeding can still occur from the blunt trauma force of a collision. The term bleeding may be interchanged with blood clot or hemorrhaging. When there is intracranial bleeding, the blood can accumulate which can increase pressure within the skull and compress the brain. There is very little room in the head to accommodate swelling so emergency surgery may be required to reduce the intracranial pressure.


Skull fractures are described according to where the injury occurred, symptoms of the injury and whether or not the cranium bone has been pushed in.

Some types of fractures include:

  • Depressed
  • Compound
  • Basilar
  • Diastatic
  • Cribriform

Two other types of fractures are Battle’s sign and raccoon eyes, which produce specific bruising near the injured area.

Diffuse Axonal Injury

This type of injury can occur by shaking or strong rotation of the head and occurs because the brain lags behind the movement of the head which leads to tearing of nerve tissue around the brain. This type of injury can lead to temporary or permanent widespread brain damage, coma or death.


There are two types of hematomas, a subdural hematoma and epidural hematoma. A subdural hematoma occurs when force is applied to the head causing veins that cross through the subdural space to tear and bleed. A subdural hematoma can lead to a blood clot that increases pressure on brain tissue. An epidural hematoma is caused when blood is trapped in a small area and causes a blood clot to form.

Common Causes Of Car Accidents

Types Of Car Accident Injuries:

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