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April 2022 - Simien & Simien, LLC

Which drivers need to try harder to spot motorcyclists?

Anyone driving a vehicle has a responsibility toward other road users. Part of that means doing their best to see everyone around them. If you ride a motorcycle, you will have noticed that many drivers fail to see you. It can apply to all sorts of drivers, yet some are

Why is noise a problem for ship workers?

If you lose your hearing, you may never get it back. Therefore protecting it is crucial. Significant hearing loss does not occur from occasionally attending heavy metal or other loud concerts due to the relatively short time you are exposed to high noise levels. Working with excessive noise day after

Could driving a banged-up vehicle lead to a crash?

Driving along one day, you are hit by a driver who clearly takes less pride in their vehicle than you. While not everyone wants or can afford a new car, drivers must lavish a certain amount of care on their vehicles to keep them safe. The polishing routine you see

3 invisible injuries to watch out for after a car crash

If another vehicle hits you with force, it could lead to many injuries. The most obvious are cuts to the head, facial bruising, broken noses, ribs and legs. While they can be severe, you can see them straight away. You know they need treating. Yet many of the most dangerous

How do rear-end collisions happen?

When you are driving, you definitely have some degree of control over your vehicle. Unfortunately, however, you have no control over other drivers’ behaviors and actions. As such, no matter how careful you are behind the wheels, you might still get involved in a rear-end collision. A rear-end collision is one

4 times you need an immigration lawyer

People immigrate to the United States for many reasons. Whether you seek asylum or are in pursuit of the American dream, the immigration process can be frustrating and stressful and the language barrier can be a challenge. That is why your best chance of remaining in the U.S. is with