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December 2014 - Simien & Simien, LLC

Making Safety Resolutions for the New Year

Each New Year, we vow to make this year different whether it is to eat healthier and lose weight or to make that big career change. No matter what your goals are though, the first step in completing them is writing them down. The attorneys at Simien & Simien think

Local Traffic Can Only be Fixed by Setting Priorities

A team of world-class IBM consultants spent three weeks studying Baton Rouge’s traffic woes and came to the conclusion that the problems can only be fixed by prioritizing where improvements are needed. The team presented a list of traffic improvement recommendations to Baton Rouge’s top planning transportation leaders in mid-October.

Angry Driver? Avoid Road Rage with these Tips

Road rage is defined as aggressive or angry behavior by the driver of an automobile or other type of vehicle such as a motorcycle. Aggressive behaviors can include rude gestures, verbal insults and deliberately driving in a threatening or unsafe manner. However, it can also include forms of reckless driving

Cycling Accident Victim Heads up Biking Advocacy Group in Lafayette

Monique Koll was recently appointed BikeLaFayette’s executive director, a feat that may have seemed impossible following the broken neck she suffered when an unlicensed driver struck her while she rode her bike in Duson, Louisiana. BikeLaFayette is a bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organization that promotes bicycle safety, awareness and education.

Landrieu Campaigner SeDestini Monette Fields Killed by Pickup Truck

A Saturday morning accident in West Shreveport has taken the life of SeDestini Monette Fields, a 23-year-old campaigner for Sen. Mary Landrieu from Shreveport. According to a press release from Police Cpl. Marcus Hines, Fields was hit at approximately 11:00 a.m., after a 2007 Chevrolet pickup truck steered off the

How to Minimize Liability during a Holiday Party

Whether you’re attending a company holiday party or asking relatives and friends to come over to celebrate the end of 2014, it is important that you know what to do if things get out of control. From too much alcohol to inappropriate behavior, many situations could put you in danger