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Local Traffic Can Only be Fixed by Setting Priorities

A team of world-class IBM consultants spent three weeks studying Baton Rouge’s traffic woes and came to the conclusion that the problems can only be fixed by prioritizing where improvements are needed.

The team presented a list of traffic improvement recommendations to Baton Rouge’s top planning transportation leaders in mid-October. Although they did not make specific recommendations, they believed that greater collaboration among regional transportation and planning groups was needed.

Additionally, the group noted that the local government and transit groups have evaluated the impact of individual projects, but had no studies to compare which projects would have the greatest impact. The IBM team recommended setting up a data exchange so that the various studies can be shared and analyzed across greater platforms.

Furthermore, they recommend that the state create a transportation governance board that could create regional transportation policies and set project priorities based on data.

Interestingly, the team suggested that the city tap into using social media so drivers have faster, more accessible ways to learn about traffic delays and to inform the city about issues they encounter during their own commutes.

One of the IBM consultants noted that these decisions must be made based on data and determine what would reduce traffic congestion and the number of auto accidents.

The number of Baton Rouge auto accidents has increased as the traffic congestion issues continue to grow. Driving defensively, expecting traffic delays and knowing how and when to re-route your travel trajectory are all ways you can keep yourself safe until the current issues in Baton Rouge are fixed.

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