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2 things you need to know before accepting a crash settlement

After a car crash, you may not work for weeks, maybe longer if your injuries are severe. You will also have a lot of expenses to cover all at once, ranging from the cost to tow your vehicle to a repair shop to the medical bills that keep coming in

What does “good faith and fair dealing” mean?

Insurance companies operating in Louisiana typically have to comply both with federal law and with Louisiana state laws regulating their industry. The regulations that apply to the insurance industry largely govern how they handle their policies, especially when someone makes a claim. After all, companies that provide insurance obviously make

What constitutes ‘bad faith’ with an insurance company?

There are some kinds of insurance you have to carry under the law (i.e., you can’t legally drive without liability coverage). Other kinds of insurance are necessary because of contractual agreements. Your landlord may require that you carry renter’s insurance, or your mortgage company might require that you purchase a homeowner’s insurance

What do you do if the insurance company is too slow?

After you’re hurt in a serious accident or have a claim for damages to your property, the last thing you need is an insurer that tries to take advantage of you. They do so, but trying to quickly offer you an inappropriate settlement amount or by failing to respond to

How long will you wait for payout on a hurricane insurance claim?

Homeowners in Louisiana frequently carry hurricane coverage because of the terrible storms that can make landfall here. No one can predict the path of a storm, so you never know when you might need extra coverage to protect your home from inclement weather. Whether there is flood damage to your

How to get the compensation you deserve after a hurricane

A hurricane is one of the strongest forces of nature and can leave entire cities in dire conditions. Recently, Hurricane Ida left many cities in dire conditions, including the Baton Rouge area. Even when the damage is undeniable, earning the compensation you need to cover the cost of repair and other expenses

Hold insurers accountable for hurricane damage claims

Hurricane Ida may have left Louisiana behind, but the storm’s wake leaves thousands of Louisianans dealing with the tremendous damage by the fifth strongest hurricane ever to hit the U.S. The storm has left some communities uninhabitable. Property owners must now deal with the devastating emotional and financial repercussions. Many will

Preparing Your Home For The Hurricane Season

With the 2017 hurricane season starting in less than three weeks on June 1st, President Trump declared last week to be National Hurricane Preparedness Week. The White House proclamation urges all Americans living in hurricane-prone areas like Louisiana to use online resources from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Weather

You Have the Right to Choose a Repair Shop After a Crash

When you file an insurance claim after a car accident, the claims adjuster will likely urge you to take your vehicle to one of the company’s preferred repair shops. The adjuster might say that using a preferred shop will expedite the process or ensure your vehicle is repaired properly. However,

Tips for Recovering from Tornado and Flooding Damage

For the second time in less than eight months, southeastern Louisiana has been struck by severe weather that has left immense damage and devastation in its path. A total of six tornados tore through Louisiana on Feb. 7 with speeds as high as 150 mph, leaving tracks as long as