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How long will you wait for payout on a hurricane insurance claim?

Homeowners in Louisiana frequently carry hurricane coverage because of the terrible storms that can make landfall here. No one can predict the path of a storm, so you never know when you might need extra coverage to protect your home from inclement weather.

Whether there is flood damage to your first floor because of rising waters near your home or rain damage on the second story due to wind-related roof damage, you may need to make an insurance claim.

How long will it take the insurance company to approve and pay for the repairs you need to make to your home?

Insurance providers should handle claims in a timely manner

As a homeowner, you want the repairs made to your property as soon as you know about the damage, but that isn’t a realistic timeline. Although there are federal and state laws requiring that insurance companies operate in good faith when policyholders make claims, delays are still a common issue.

Unreasonable delays can be a form of bad faith insurance and lead to litigation, but what constitutes an unreasonable delay in Louisiana is a bit of a gray area. The only firm standard is that once the company approves a claim or finalized a settlement amount, it will need to issue the final payment within 30 days. Otherwise, Louisiana state law leaves much up to the individual insurance provider.

The longer you have gone without a response and the more pressing the need for repairs is, the more likely it is that you may need help dealing with the insurance company.

How to get a claim moving again

If you have filed paperwork and now everything seems to have stalled out, you may need professional help. Insurance companies tend to be more deferential to those with legal representation because they don’t want to end up in court.

A lawyer can advise you on your rights based on the coverage that you have and the company’s obligations to you under the law. They can handle the negotiations and even most of the paperwork on your behalf. If you have to take the insurance company to court because they have acted in bad faith, the lawyer helping with your claim will be in an excellent position to transition to providing litigation services to you.

Learning about how the law protects you when you need hurricane-related insurance compensation for your dwelling will help protect your most valuable asset.