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Gas fumes can lead to toxic exposure in the long and short term

Working in the oil and gas industry is not an easy occupation. Though you may have tried your best to handle your work-related duties as well as possible, you may not have escaped the potential dangers of your job. Unfortunately, individuals who face long-term exposure to petroleum or oil fumes

Dangers are everywhere on oil rigs

Working on an oil rig is no one’s idea of an easy job. Whether you are new to the position or have been in this industry for years, you understand that dangers are everywhere and that you always need to pay attention to your surroundings. Even on a good day,

Open thief hatches an immediate danger to life and health

If you work at an oil or gas well site, you know what the thief hatch on a crude oil storage tank is. You may also know that the vapors and gases inside those tanks pose significant dangers to you and your co-workers. If your duties include fluid transfer, gauging

Work accidents: Why people working on oil rigs are at great risk

If you or one of your Louisiana loved ones works in the oil and gas platform industry, you’ve likely had discussions in your home regarding the dangerous nature of such work. While there are often lucrative opportunities available in the oil rig field, it’s also known to be one of

Final BP Oil Spill Settlement Payments Sent Out, Totaling $520 Million

last month, the court-appointed claims administrator overseeing the BP oil spill settlement announced that the final round of payments will be issued to people and entities that were hit hardest by the 2010 oil spill: seafood businesses and fishermen. The final round of settlement payments totals $520 million, bringing the

Fracking in the Gulf of Mexico Has Released Billions of Gallons of Waste

An attorney from the Center for Biological Diversity says that fracking released more than 76 billion gallons of waste into the Gulf of Mexico in 2014, with much of the waste coming from fracking wells off the coast of Louisiana. These wells were approved by the U.S. government, which issued

Judge Grants $20 Billion Settlement Approval for 2010 BP Oil Spill

After years of litigation, a New Orleans federal judge has approved a $20 billion settlement that BP must pay. The settlement is for the destructive 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Included in the settlement is $5.5 billion for Clean Water Act civil penalties, along with billions more dollars to

Thousands of Gallons of Oil Spilled into Louisiana Waterways

In the past two weeks, approximately 9,000 gallons of crude oil have been spilled into Louisiana waterways and marshes in three separate oil spills. The first spill happened last week when a Hilcorp Energy pipeline spilled between 1,160 and 4,200 gallons of crude oil into Barataria Bay. The spill affects

Legislative Bill Addresses Louisiana’s Abandoned Oil Wells

A new set of bills, created to reform Louisiana’s cleanup of abandoned oil wells scattered among the state, has worked its way into the Legislature. The bill would identify orphan wells as hazardous and evoke a massive cleanup to minimize dangers posed to people and the environment. As of 2013,

Oil & Gas Gathering Pipelines Creating Problems in Texas

With hundreds of miles of new oil and gas pipelines in Texas, dangerous problems are arising due to lack of regulations. Leaks and pipeline ruptures have forced evacuations and even killed two Texas workers. Gathering pipelines amass the natural gas or oil drilled from wells. These lines connect to storage