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Work accidents: Why people working on oil rigs are at great risk

If you or one of your Louisiana loved ones works in the oil and gas platform industry, you’ve likely had discussions in your home regarding the dangerous nature of such work. While there are often lucrative opportunities available in the oil rig field, it’s also known to be one of the riskiest professions concerning personal injury.

Within the oil rig industry, there are many lines of work. What your specific duties happen to be, as well as other circumstances and issues, determines how great a risk you face every time you enter the workplace. As in all other industries, some jobs are more dangerous than others. Your employer’s role is significant regarding your safety. Your employer must provide proper training and safety equipment.

Oil rig construction tops the danger list

Construction workers are typically at risk for workplace accidents. When construction work and the oil rig industries intersect, it’s definitely a recipe for potential problems. If you report to an offshore maintenance and construction platform for work, it’s critical that you know where to seek support if an accident occurs. In fact, most oil rig accidents take place in offshore construction areas.

Deck operations are also dangerous

If you work on deck, you’re at risk for trips, slips or falls. In recent years, however, the numbers of deck accidents reported have declined. Another job segment in the oil rig industry has seen an increase in worker injuries. Lack of signposting may be an underlying cause of an increased rate of injury in offshore management and accommodations.

Are you on a drilling or production team?

If your job requires you to use or be around heavy machinery and high-speed, motorized equipment on a frequent basis, you may be among those who are at greatest risk for injury in the oil industry. You’ve hopefully received proper training regarding oil and gas leaks. Such leaks often lead to explosions, which not only cause injury to workers in the vicinity but can also devastate marine life.

Support for workers injured in the oil rig industry

If you’re involved in a workplace accident that leaves you stranded in turbulent waters or needing an airlift to the closest trauma center, it might be weeks or months before you can return to your duties. In fact, surviving an oil rig accident doesn’t necessarily mean you will fully recover and be able to go back to work.

Not only might you need daily living support, you might also need assistance when it comes to navigating the workers’ compensation system. Many injured Louisiana workers rely on the system to provide benefits that can help them pay medical bills and replace lost wages during recovery.