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April 2020 - Simien & Simien, LLC

Report: Fed agency needs to up its game re pedestrian safety

Officials from a key federal government office who are focused on roadway safety likely have a few choice synonyms to describe the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And they almost certainly don’t include the terms proactive or farsighted. In fact, descriptors like tunnel vision, lack of focus and inertia would

Feds spotlight maritime industry’s broad band of essential workers

Anyone even remotely linked with the vast and varied maritime industry in Louisiana or elsewhere in the United States knows intimately well how important it is to the nation’s economy and security. That realization unquestionably extends to federal regulators tasked with broad oversight of things like energy transportation, port activities,

Louisiana boating safety: an ever-present and unflagging concern

Louisiana is tied closely to water. It literally takes no more than a second’s scanning of a state map for any viewer to see that the state is replete with rivers, lakes (both freshwater and saltwater), bayous and other bodies of water. And, of course, Louisiana’s vast coastline stretches for

Safety agency adjustments welcomed by self-driving car makers

It’s akin to a great divide. We suspect at Simien & Simien that readers of our legal personal injury blogs in Louisiana and other states will solidly align on both sides of what is truly a wide difference in opinion. The subject matter: the high-profile development of autonomous (that is,

Understand workers’ compensation before you need it

No matter a person’s job, the chance exists that he or she could suffer injuries or illness as a result of that job. Some people may think that workplace injuries are more likely to occur to people who work in construction or with dangerous machines or materials, and while that

Trucking safety convention stalls due to viral pandemic

There is no lack of consensus across America’s sprawling commercial trucking industry that something needs to be done to curb accidents involving big rigs and materially promote the public’s safety. Conversely, though that same degree of aligned thinking essentially disintegrates when it comes to uniformity of thought concerning precisely how

Key maritime acronym LHWCA: what it is and what it provides for

Acronyms. Those short-hand descriptors are seemingly everywhere in the legal landscape, reducing lengthily spelled out terms/concepts into abbreviated sound bites a bit more amenable to public consumption. The immediately vast and varied maritime realm is a ready example, with that universe being replete with lettered designations for various laws and