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Louisiana boating safety: an ever-present and unflagging concern

Louisiana is tied closely to water. It literally takes no more than a second’s scanning of a state map for any viewer to see that the state is replete with rivers, lakes (both freshwater and saltwater), bayous and other bodies of water. And, of course, Louisiana’s vast coastline stretches for hundreds of miles.

As such, the state has an unparalleled connection to water across virtually every dimension. Its maritime industry is globally recognized. Commercial and recreational fishing is a top-tier pursuit. Oil and gas exploration is a billion-dollar industry.

And then there’s this: Legions of state residents simply enjoy getting in boats and spending time on the state’s varied waterways.

Not all of them are careful. Reportedly, there were already a dozen boat-linked fatalities in Louisiana by early July.

As noted in one recent article, officials from the state’s Department of Wildlife and Fisheries are focused prominently these days on one outsized concern.

Namely, that is inebriated behavior out on the water. Drunk boaters’ negligence is an instantly alarming concern and a major catalyst causing serious injuries and sometimes fatal outcomes to third parties.

And it is especially tragic because it is preventable.

State law enforcers and safety regulators are getting the word out to the public that they will be closely focused on impaired boat operators over the summer. A boating-while-intoxicated citation can bring penalties every bit as severe as those resulting from a drunk driving charge.

Persons injured by the negligent acts or omissions of another party can often secure maximum legal recoveries in the wake of accidents. An experienced Louisiana personal injury legal team can provide further information.