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October 2020 - Simien & Simien, LLC

Hurricane seasons brings broad-based risks for many Louisiana workers

Louisiana home dwellers immediately come to mind in virtually any discussion of hurricane risks and adverse outcomes in the state, of course. Federal and state safety regulators want an equally strong focus placed on the perils that state workers in many spheres face when working during and after such storms,

Better habits for truckers can make Louisiana roads safer

When a trucker is behind the wheel of a large truck or semitrailer, he or she is completely responsible for any choices that endanger others. One moment of distraction or one negligent choice can result in an accident that may change innocent people’s lives. Even operating a large truck while fatigued

What’s tapping the brakes on self-driving cars?

And that’s not that’s all bad. Notwithstanding developers’ overt disappointment that self-driving cars aren’t a flatly done deal on America’s roadways, the gains made thus far are still impressive and bode well for the future. Granted, they have turned out to be far more modest to this point than what

Gas fumes can lead to toxic exposure in the long and short term

Working in the oil and gas industry is not an easy occupation. Though you may have tried your best to handle your work-related duties as well as possible, you may not have escaped the potential dangers of your job. Unfortunately, individuals who face long-term exposure to petroleum or oil fumes

Regulators cite mixed bag of results re large-truck accidents, safety

How might readers best assess the following accident data concerning America’s large and diverse commercial trucking fleet? On the one hand, deaths nationally linked to roadway crashes involving one or more commercial trucks did not increase last year from fatalities that occurred during 2018. On the other hand, though, neither

Louisiana roadway deaths down, but improvement still needed

Fewer deaths to any degree is a flatly positive development, and Louisiana safety regulators are duly recognizing that fact. State Highway Safety Commission Executive Director Lisa Freeman noted to an audience last week that Louisiana’s traffic fatality rate is “the lowest it’s ever been.” That is laudatory, of course. State