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August 2020 - Simien & Simien, LLC

Even a minor crash can cause serious back injuries

If you suffered injuries in a Louisiana car accident, you know firsthand how your injuries can change the course of your life. This is especially true if you suffered a back injury or damage to your neck. Even a low-speed collision can cause serious damage, leaving you in pain and

Do the brakes need to be tapped on self-driving cars?

If you’re a forward-thinking person who is an avid self-driving car enthusiast, you might want to temporarily park visions of partying soon in the back seat of a driverless vehicle. Here’s why: Empirical evidence points to accident risks involving autonomous cars that are far higher presently than a trusting public assumes. Actually,

Did you lose your spleen as the result of a car accident?

No one can predict what someone will endure during a car accident. Some people may go through accidents that seem horrific due to the crunched metal and multiple vehicles involved but are fortunate enough to walk away without injuries. Other individuals may suffer severe injuries that need emergency medical care.

Tort reform accident bill enacted as Louisiana law

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards begrudgingly signaled a legislative bill as new law with a stroke of his pen recently. Prominent pro-business supporters and advocacy groups, along with Republican lawmakers, were ecstatic that their long-fought attempt to shore up so-called “tort reform” law in the state will now take effect.

Workplace safety czar spotlights top-tier on-the-job risks

“Throwing good money after bad” is an expression sometimes used to spotlight dollars spent on ventures and programs that have already proven to be failures. According to federal safety officials, that is decidedly not the case regarding funds that American companies expend on training and injury-prevention programs for workers. Consider