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May 2021 - Simien & Simien, LLC

Protecting your case after a maritime accident

If you work in the maritime industry, you will often work in a potentially dangerous environment. At sea, accidents and emergencies can happen. While you cannot always do anything to prevent these from taking place, you may be able to do something about how you are treated in the aftermath.

3 ways to avoid getting into a crash while on your motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is certainly more exhilarating than driving a car. From the feeling of the wind rushing past you to the freedom to maneuver, there are many differences that draw people to motorcycles instead of larger vehicles. Unfortunately, the adventure of riding a motorcycle comes at a cost. Specifically,

The top reason there’s a third party responsible for a work injury

Most of the time, workers’ compensation takes care of people who get hurt on the job. As long as you are a direct employee and develop a medical condition or injury while working, workers’ compensation likely covers you. You can get short-term and long-term disability benefits if you can’t work,