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Taking extra precautions to stay safe while riding a motorcycle

People who ride motorcycles know there is a particular enjoyment about experiencing the open road and wind. If you’ve ever ridden on a bike, you’re probably aware of the additional risks associated with riding. An accident on a motorcycle is 28 times more likely to result in death than a car accident.

Which drivers need to try harder to spot motorcyclists?

Anyone driving a vehicle has a responsibility toward other road users. Part of that means doing their best to see everyone around them. If you ride a motorcycle, you will have noticed that many drivers fail to see you. It can apply to all sorts of drivers, yet some are

3 ways to avoid getting into a crash while on your motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is certainly more exhilarating than driving a car. From the feeling of the wind rushing past you to the freedom to maneuver, there are many differences that draw people to motorcycles instead of larger vehicles. Unfortunately, the adventure of riding a motorcycle comes at a cost. Specifically,

Did you suffer a traumatic amputation in a motorcycle accident?

If you are like many other riders here in Baton Rouge, riding a motorcycle provides you with a sense of freedom you can’t get anywhere else. Riding may also make up a portion of your social life. On the more practical side, it gives you a reliable source of transportation

Can I Obtain Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident if I Did Not Wear a Helmet?

Louisiana is one of 19 states in the nation with a universal helmet law that requires anyone who rides a motorcycle to wear a helmet, with few exceptions. That is why many riders are unsure about whether they can obtain compensation after a motorcycle crash if they were not wearing

5 Motorcycle Safety Strategies to Prevent an Accident

Unfortunately, there is nothing motorcycle riders can do to guarantee they will never be involved in an accident or suffer injuries if a crash occurs. There are simply too many factors that are out of their control. However, there are many things you can do to reduce your risk of

Laws for Louisiana Motorcycle Riders

Part of the appeal of riding a motorcycle is that there is nothing between you and the open road. Unfortunately, this creates a much higher risk of injury or death if you are involved in a motorcycle accident. That is one of the reasons Louisiana motorcycle laws were created. Following

Law Enforcement Offering Safe Riding Seminar to Motorcyclists

Law enforcement groups will be getting together in Baton Rouge to help teach motorcycle riders on how to keep themselves safe on the roadways. The Gulf Coast Police Motorcycle Skills Championships will be hosting a civilian motorcycle training seminar on Aug. 23 in Gonzales, La. Participants will receive hands-on training