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September 2020 - Simien & Simien, LLC

What damages can be recovered after an 18-wheeler accident?

If you spend any amount of time on the road in Louisiana and/or Texas, you’re well aware that there are 18-wheelers everywhere. While these trucks are critical to the nation’s success, they’re also a risk to everyone on the road. If you’re part of an accident with an 18-wheeler, the first

An apt reminder: keep the kids safely buckled up

As they say, “If you blinked, you missed it.” What specifically emerged and is now in the proverbial rear-view mirror is National Child Passenger Safety Week. That specially designated time period is spotlighted annually, and for obviously compelling reasons. Because our kids are precious. Because they are vulnerable in car

Worksite mishap spotlights regulators’ huge concern with crane safety

State and federal workplace safety officials in Louisiana and nationally routinely express outsized concerns with cranes used in construction projects and the need to keep their operations safe. And for good reason, of course. Cranes are materially complex machines, with huge moving parts that are often on display hundreds of

New findings on traumatic brain injury emerge

Could it largely be about so-called “lymphatic vessels?” Long held in the scientific community to be nonexistent, lymphatic vessels were first identified only recently by researchers at the University of Virginia. The vessels reside in the brain, serving to clean that organ and keep it free of damaging toxins. Continuing

Signs of serious internal bleeding may not show up immediately

The aftermath of a serious car accident can be hectic. In some cases, individuals may think that they have escaped the crash unscathed, but in reality, adrenaline and other factors are masking the pain of serious injuries. Unfortunately, you could find yourself involved in a car or truck accident that

Should collision warning systems be fast tracked for large trucks?

The writing is clearly on the wall, apparent for all to see. More accurately, its bottom line is prevalent in a study recently released by the research organization Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Here’s the key takeaway in IIHS findings regarding the employment of select electronic safety features in large commercial

Will this behind-the-wheel trucking change promote or hinder safety?

Many of our readers in Louisiana and elsewhere have likely heard the term “hours of service” (HOS) in reference to the commercial trucking industry. Its thrust is quite simple and premised on public safety. Truck drivers across the country were at one time unburdened by any regulation that limited the

Issues re maritime employees’ protections during health pandemic

“Another wrinkle.” That is what the maritime-focused Waterways Journal underscores in its assessment of added protections afforded industry employees by the federal Jones Act. Here’s an example featuring the sizable health risks currently posed for maritime workers by the COVID-19 pandemic. The journal notes that many maritime employers are now requiring