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An apt reminder: keep the kids safely buckled up

As they say, “If you blinked, you missed it.”

What specifically emerged and is now in the proverbial rear-view mirror is National Child Passenger Safety Week. That specially designated time period is spotlighted annually, and for obviously compelling reasons.

Because our kids are precious. Because they are vulnerable in car crashes in an outsized way. Because they completely rely upon us – parents and other loving caregivers – to protect and keep them safe.

The goal of Safety Week is all about the protection of kids in Louisiana and nationally. State and federal regulators take maximum advantage of the limited time period each year to disseminate key messages concerning the special risks posed for adolescents involved in motor vehicle accidents.

They underscore, for example, that roadway injuries are a leading cause of serious injury and death for American children. They familiarize parents with laws relevant to kids when moms and dads are behind the wheel in traffic. And they emphasize the critical importance of appropriately securing the youngest family members in seats that are specifically recommended for their age, height and weight.

As noted recently in one Louisiana news outlet, Safety Week concluded last Saturday with a massive effort involving state troopers and car seat experts. Those individuals teamed up at locales spanning the state to help parents ensure that their kids sit in properly installed seats and are harnessed appropriately each time they travel in a passenger vehicle.

Parents will unanimously agree that the instruction and hands-on help provided is vitally important and a welcome public service.

And many will note with relief that they didn’t miss a key opportunity if Safety Week escaped their attention. Every Louisiana State Patrol Troop across the state can help motorists ensure that their car seats and harnesses are properly configured for the kids.