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Do I need to renew my green card?

Once you succeed in getting a green card, it becomes one more card in your wallet, like your driving license, that you need to occasionally pull out and show someone. It is easy to forget how much effort it took you to get it. Replacing it will be a hassle

4 times you need an immigration lawyer

People immigrate to the United States for many reasons. Whether you seek asylum or are in pursuit of the American dream, the immigration process can be frustrating and stressful and the language barrier can be a challenge. That is why your best chance of remaining in the U.S. is with

What happens if you lose your job and have an H1-B visa?

As a skilled or educated employee, you qualified for a work visa. Your exceptional skills made you an ideal candidate for a job in the United States, and you were lucky enough to secure an H1-B visa when you applied. However, your employer’s luck has not been as good as

Can you bring your foreign national spouse to the United States?

When you marry your spouse, you promise to build a life together and to support one another. It can be hard to know how life will test that commitment in the future. Sometimes, life circumstances may force you apart. Work, schooling or family matters could lead to long-term separations of

Which employment visa is right for me?

If you want to work in the United States, you need to consider which type of employment visa is right for you. You have a number of visas to choose from, and the right visa in your situation will depend upon factors such as your education level, your area of

Immigration mistakes to avoid

Millions of people throughout the world hold the dream of living and working in the United States, but not all are successful in achieving that goal. If this is your dream, you can help your chances of success by avoiding a few common mistakes. Filing the wrong forms There are

Can you bring your parents to the United States as immigrants?

If you want to bring your parents to the United States, the good news is that you may be able to. The United States Citizenship and Immigrations Services has specific rules regarding bringing your mother or father to live in the United States. Some of those rules state that you need

How can I help my fiancée become a permanent resident?

You came to the United States to attend university. Then after graduation, you landed a job as an engineer in the oil industry and eventually became a citizen. However, you now have a fiancée in your home country. You want to bring her to the United States and help her

Supreme Court rules in favor of upholding DACA protections

On June 18, the Supreme Court gave relief to hundreds of thousands of immigrants who arrived as children in the US without documentation when it ruled against the Administration’s efforts to rescind the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA). In a 5-4 decision, the Court found that the Administration’s efforts to