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December 2019 - Simien & Simien, LLC

Silica exposure can lead to deadly lung disease

Dust may seem like a minor thing. In your home, you may use little more than a spritz of furniture spray and a soft cloth to remove the dust from your surfaces. However, on the job, the dust you deal with may be far more sinister. If you are among

Your quality of life after a spinal cord injury

If a recent car accident, work accident, or other catastrophic event has left you with a debilitating spinal cord injury, you may feel overwhelmed with your new reality. A spinal cord injury can make it seem as if you will never achieve your goals. Nevertheless, you still have much to

Prefacing Maintenance and Cure in the Maritime Universe

The Jones Act. General Maritime Law. The Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act. Those federal laws, coupled with local and state enactments – especially in a maritime-heavy state like Louisiana – are go-to sources for individuals who are injured on or near the water and seeking legal recourse for personal

What is spurring noted upward tick in fatal large truck crashes?

Commercial transportation industry insiders and commentators are questioning why recently released federal crash numbers indicate a notable spike in fatal large truck accidents during 2018 over the preceding year. The focus on what is both figuratively and literally driving such dire outcomes is pronounced in wake of relevant crash statistics

Strong legal counsel can be vital in the wake of a work-linked injury

We state a truism at Simien & Simien regarded unexpected downsides at the workplace. We note on our long-established Baton Rouge personal injury firm’s website that, “Life can change drastically when are injured at your job.” That’s sheer understatement, right? For starters, a work-linked injury is something that most people simply don’t

Ghost helmets convey special meaning to motorcycle demographic

We’re guessing at Simien & Simien that many Louisiana readers of our personal injury legal blogs don’t know what a so-called “ghost” helmet is, much less its poignant significance for a specific group of people. Some likely do, though, especially if they love riding motorcycles or know someone who does.